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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Finally Yeah!

Well it been a difficult week and no blogging...but the good news is my body finally budged on the my weight and reduced 2 lbs.  Lost a inch of the waist.  I am very pleased :-)  I am still having struggles with writing everything down, I will keep pushing through because I am improving.  I figured it is a learned behavior and a valuable one at that, it will give me knowledge of what I am doing so I can make necessary adjustments.  One of my really bad habits is that I guesstimate what I am eating and the counts on them.  Somedays I was really under and some surprisingly over.  It didn't help that I lent my book out for someone to review to see if they wanted to get the book themselves and they kept it...I was just about to go buy another copy when they returned it.  It's a very helpful reference tool, and it made a big difference getting it back.   I am back on track and writing down what I am eating; also if I can remember I write out my proposed food plan for the next day (I find those day better) then I simply check off and put down the count as I do it...my days are sometimes a little messed up due to life's little challenges so I give myself a break and if I do it more than I don't do it I look at that as an improvement and it all good.  

I also have started walking again!  This is exciting for me since I hurt myself last November I haven't been able to walk much farther than my car without my hip and ankle buckling then I can move at all, very scary for me.  My goal is to be hiking by this summer and then my favorite winter hikes.  I love winter hikes in our local parks; its beautiful here in BC and lots of hiking.  My daughter came over and offered to come over everyday after work go with me...what a gift!  She has seen how upset I have been with my injury and needed some help to get better and to get moving...I don't know how far I can go before I get into trouble; now with someone with me I will be able to build back up my strength and confidence.  What a wonderful gift my daughter has given me.