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Monday, October 1, 2012

Wow! a whole month...No Blogging

Hi Everyone....I have been commenting and reading blogs, but haven't been in the mindset to do any blogging myself.  I have been in the 'Y' Loop as I call it:   Why this....Why that...Why can't I make this work?  just circling back to Why?  and 'Why' question only create more 'y' questions.  Ever play the little kid game to see how many time you can ask why?  Well turns out in my head it feels like infinity squared.

So how do you stop, you say?  or maybe not...you might just be looking at these words and saying she needs to stop whining and get on with it.   But actually the way I am stopping it is by changing the question to 'How' questions like;  How can I get there and enjoy the process?....turning my why's into how's.  It takes concisous effort on my part to be aware that I am stuck on the 'Y' loop and change the question to 'How'  and then remember to add 'and enjoy the process'.   Life needs more enjoyment and we have to make it better for ourselves one choice at a time. 

I have been at a standstill with my weight for the past month once again...so I have to changed my 'Why can't I get this weight to move off my body??!!'  to   'How can I get things moving and enjoy the process?'  I find whenever I have done this in my past it has opened doors to ideas when I least expect it.  It's just that I have been stuck in the 'y' loop for a long time I had forgotten about it how to stop it, till someone reminded me of this.  I was so grateful to be reminded it has already started to help.

Just this past weekend I was in the middle of the 'y' loop and I changed it to how...then my daughter calls and suggested we go to the mountain top so I dragged myself out and went with her.   Once there my whole head space changed I felt happy and inspired the mountain air got me out of my mental slump.   That was yesterday and today I went for the first of my daily walks that I have committed to.  

I have come along way since November of last year when I injured myself and couldn't walk very far at all.   I walked at a good pace and my strided was so much better and I didn't have to make it short due to my leg giving out.  It was a good day :-)

Cheers to you all