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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Thanks for the feedback, I am not so frustrated today :-)  I am going to try using "Vega One" protein shake sweetened with stevia  (Canadian version of a protein shake).  It also has excellent balance nutrition properties in their formual...very good for the body.
Cal 138 / Carbs 11.4 / Fibre 6g / Sugars 1.4g  and mixing it with Almond Breeze.   I tried it before and it was yucky but they have redone they formula and the chocolate is okay.   I might order the protein shake from amazon that you are recommending.   But first give this a try see if it makes a difference.

Also made a pack with my daughter to do Jorge flat tummy routine to build some fat burning muscle.  I have been walking with her and she commented on my pace is improving.  So my goal of adding more movement is doing well...I will be hiking again this year!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Okay frustration is setting in...I have had no change since April 16  no increase no decrease.  The good part is that I am sticking to my guns and keeping away from night time eating and no sugar.   I know I it's a difficult time in my life to loose weight (peri-menopause), atleast I am not going up any more.. Which I am very grateful for....just have to keep reminding myself about that.   But really nothing!  same measurements....**sigh**... **pouty face :(  same weight..just keeps bouncing up 2 down 2.

All I can think is not enough water  and probiotics and being consistent with them...I keep forgetting them for a couple of days then back on them.  Everything with loosing weight now is so difficult.    When did it get so complicated!?