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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Feb 25, 2012

Hi Everyone

It's been a rough week I think I hit the sugar and caffeine withdraw stage; I felt easily irritated and short with people, so I took some homeopathic remedy that made me smiley again.   I didn't realize I was cutting back on caffeine too till I looked back at what I was eating and since I don't use milk any more I don't drink my tea...I am a total tea granny it's my Irish heritage :-)  ... and I might have a coffee once every two day or less. So I think that was making me a bit growly too.

 I feel totally disorganized and having a challenge get my recipes on the go.  I am hoping this set of days off will give me a chance to get a couple of quick recipes in my go to head space.   I work full time and my energy is still low...I have notice my energy is improving but I still have a ways to go.   Then I have to get all my chores done in 2 days it's just not enough time. I pick up the ingredients for a couple recipes now I just need to make them a couple of times and I will be good to go! 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Feb 20, 2012

Monday morning weigh-in  238lbs.  Wow!  I feel awesome.   My measurement shows me shrinking and the scale DID move after all.  I guess my body need that extra day.   Yesterday, I even went out for lunch with my girls and didn't choose poorly,   I had an appy of dry ribs and tea and enjoyed visiting with them.  I am just keeping my focus on choice one at a time.  By summer I will be able to know what I can have anywhere I go.  It's a learning experience.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Feb 19, 2012

Well tomorrow is my official weigh in day but of course I couldn't wait and I stepped on the scale to find I was the same weight as last Monday.  I didn't get discouraged though (that in itself is amazing for me) so I went to do my measurements and what a surprise I got;  my waist is down 3" from when I started !!  I have also been measuring my ribs in addition because I carry allot there too and my rib measurement was down 4" in total.   Wow!!  that shows me I am on the right track.   If you are just starting out or researching read http://purplerosy.blogspot.com youtube message to newbies, good information there.

I have to say that doing this blog and the blogging group has given me an accountability (as was suggested in the above mentioned blog link)  I have missed in my past attempts at getting a handle on my health and weight.  I have done things before i.e. with friends and/or weight watchers for accountability but this time is different,  anyone have ideas why this is different??

I did amazing this week because I really struggled at night and during the day to continue to stay away from sugar...daytime I work in a office that has bowls of chocolates out, I am not kidding large bowls of bite size chocolates and candies right there just take one it easy and I didn't take one!  and then when I got home it was such a rushed week and I am learning what I can and cannot eat that I sometime just had a piece of cheese with deli meat so I don't think I ate enough.   So this week I am going to pick 2 recipes from the blog groups...everyone is so wonderful to post their recipes...Thank YOU!!  and go get my ingredients and try them out.  I want to learn new and easy ways to make meals and you all have tempting ideas, I am looking forward to it.

I have decided this is not a task with an end goal but a journey of learning and self discovery.  I love the fact that I have not had sugar since February 2, 2012 this is a HUGE accomplishment, and I want to keep it that way for myself.  Each time I mindlessly go to sugar or I am tempted usually because I am emotionally down or physically tired.... I tell myself I don't want that poison sugar in my body; I have work hard to get it out!   I just need to keep it out one choice at a time.

Sugar Begone!