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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Feeling good!  I am on my way....I decided to only weigh-in & measure once a week and keep an eye on how my clothes fit.   I went shopping today at the local Thrifty Market (a local BC grocer) and found some Quartet Muffins 0/1 & Buckwheat Bread 0/1 per slice to try they are both Gluten & Yeast Free which I do have to keep an eye on since I am sensitive to wheat & yeast. I am a little concern with the Quartet Muffins labeling as they say the sugars are "0" but I notice in the ingredients (now that I have my glassed on and can read the fine print at home) that they use "agave syrup" which  Jorge Cruise mention as  a belly bad sweetener with 15/1...so I am little confused on the product labeling. Well I will just put those in the freezer and do some more research before eating those.  But the Bread is a go!  Also picked up some "Reser's" Hash Browns I thought I would fry or bake them up with shredded cheese as a side dish with some protein and a leafy green veggie.
I love cooking Kale, spinach or any green leafy veggie I find a the local produce market;  I start by quickly blanching them in boiling water then bring onto the cutting board and cut them up into bite size pieces and then get the fry pan ready with a generous amount of olive oil, garlic and onions, and add the green veggie a large handful at a time into the fry pan, season with some herbs and a splash of rice vinegar, a shake or two of blue label 'salt free' spike, and oyster sauce (watch the labels look for the low sugar one!) its all to taste.   I use just about anything in my spice drawer and whatever sauce inspires me.  It's only in the fry pan for a minute or 2 then to the plate.   My favorite combo is Kale, brown rice and a hard boiled egg...a quick meal and good for you!

Sugar begone!  I love it!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feb 14, 2012 first week completed!

DrumRoll Please!!!!   morning weigh-in and I have reduced and reshaped by 7lbs  and 1" from my waist...
I am so pumped its has been years since I have seen any results from anything I have tried.   Something is definitely changing....I feel good and I am able to stay away from the cookies & sweets.  I am not going to lie; at work today the candy and cookies all over the place was hard to say no I felt the urge to take one but I just kept reminding myself I have done so well with so little effort I don't need that poison sugar in my body.   My energy is improving which is very encouraging to me.