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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Well I have had house guess for the last 11 days...I'm not use to it and I found myself stress eating :(  atleast they were BCF friendly foods but still a bad habit.   Strangely enough even as I was doing it I am telling myself I am stress eating...but I did it anyways.   I didn't know how to keep my emotional reaction in check, I suffer from people pleaser effects .... I was afraid if I didn't shut down my emotional I was going to be rude to my house guest....and I find when I feel that coming on I strike first and ask question later.  I don't usually have people staying in my home and didn't except myself to react that way....so I stress ate :(   instead of dealing with my emotions.   Finally on the last day I did have a discussion with my guest which help me.   I think because I felt safe that I wouldn't have to live with their response if it didn't go well because they were leaving.   Oh the things we do to avoid dealing with our emotions or others emotional reactions.   I'm glad to report even though I did stress eat I did manage to reduce 2 more pounds!!  Yeah!

Well now I am off to plant my herb garden with my daughter's help.