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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Should I change the name of my Blog?? :-)

To Sandra's journey with Hormones!   OMG!

I have been absent for a while.  No I haven't been anywhere, just exhausted, mentally, physically, spiritually.

I had my annual physical...well I missed last years so my not so annual.   Got my results came back and my thyroid is showing low.  Well I have been having problems for 20 years with my thyroid; showing all the systems but nothing has shown in my blood work till now and that's because my menopausal hormones are aggravating the situation.   I've worked with naturopaths and other alternative health practitioners, but I never seem to get anywhere solid.   I think because I have been so exhausted for so long I have learn how to survive and get buy, but never energized. 

...soooo....the doc put me on thyroid medication (with a twist) and my compound pharmacist put me on an adrenal support program by Dr James Wilson.  I also bought his book, Adrenal Fatigue by Dr James L.Wilson N.D. D.C. Ph.D to read where he lays out how to heal your adrenals.  Together we are creating a healing road for me. 

My weight is up 12lbs!  I have a wonderful doctor who's going to see my once a month for just one more accountability person and review how I am doing with everything.  I have 2 months to my daughters wedding, just incase my stress level wasn't enough :-)

Thank goodness for the adrenal hand book I am going to need it.  I am currently reading the chapter on lifestyle and how to change them without causing more stress, the food chapter is next.  There is a lot of information about cortisol levels in this book and how to balance them out.   I will be doing the BFC just adapting any foods to include healing foods and exclude any that aggravate either adrenals or thyroid function.

Now I am going to do a pilate workout.  I am only to work out to tolerance, I thought that was interesting prescription "to tolerance"  just the wording made a shift for me.  It was explained to me that;  if after my work out I am exhausted then next work out bring it down a bit.  Build slowly!  You should feel good after you work out.   I thought, Really?  I never knew that ;-)  feeling good after a work out?  and not needing to rest or collapse.