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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Okay I must confess

I know it's not the Hump Day confessional but I must confess and have not been writing down what I eat.  Looks like I coming up to another week of no changes.  I have always been terrible at writing things down, I have always run into this problem.  I don't know how to change it....but I know it will help me to see how much I eat when, what , how much.   It's some kind of mental block.   The stupid thing is I have the book in my lunch bag it just never comes out at work and I'm so tired when I get home it stays there to the next day and the same cycle again till I get to the end of the work week and nothing.  I feel like I am insane!

I guess I will just have to make myself do it!  That's why I am telling you all.  Starting TODAY I am writing down what I am eating (these 2 days are my days off ) then Tuesday starts my work week.  I am signing off and going to get my book and write down what I have eaten so far today.

Thanks for listening