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Sunday, May 20, 2012

OMG! What a week....I am still down even though the stress level was through the roof and still is as I pack for my week vacation.  I head to the island which is a close to home vacation but I am far enough for a change of scene.  Trying to get all my work clean off my desk at work with crazy clients calling and demanding things at the last minute causes me great stress if I could drink and not gain I would.  I know I can have some wine but when I am feeling that kind of stress and I start I might not stop and then I would eat and then and then...downward spiral  not good.

I have been sticking with the 2 shakes a day with a lunch meal and snacks it's been good, usually when I have weeks like this I would eat on the run and make bad choices or since I have gotten sugar out of my diet I will go without eating, I remember in my 20's and 30's I would go without eating all day....that's how I got into the mess.  That's why I think the shakes are helping so much, the one that I am using has allot nutrition to it which my body loves (plus I am using Reslina, magnesium and probiotics),  not eating enough for me puts my body into starvation mode and it has become very effective at storing fat because it doesn't know when it will be fed again.  I would make a good bear :-)

I remember a doctor telling me when I was gaining; that its all about calories in and calories burned...I asked him if he ever had a weight problem in his life...he said no... I told him he didn't know what he was talking about and stop giving stupid advise...then I told him to follow me for a week and if he could gain weight on the amount I was eating I would be surprised...that was back in the days I would go without eating and no I didn't binge eat either. I was a single mom with her own business and barely had enough time to get it all done.  I really didn't eat much at all....as I am writing this and remembering I am amazed how I survived, it was just insanity, my body learned to turn any food into fat it was sure I was living in the ice-age and didn't know how long before I would find the next food source :-)

That's the story of how it all started, about 10 years ago though is when the weight got stupid and by then I was no longer going without food, I was then addicted to the sugar and the cravings were taking over and the weight kept on going up and down.  My metabolism was shot.

So what I have learned this week that getting sugar out of my body has been very powerful and very good for my body!! and that keeping balanced nutrition in my body is very very important and that there is lots of ways to do that.  I am enjoying the shakes at this moment and be open for new ideas because you might have to shake ;-)  things up every once in a while.

Thanks for sharing everyone!