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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Just a quit post to say hi :-)

I am keeping up with my food journal the new book and pen are helping...I love new journals and pens I guess it reminds me of September when you get all new supplies and clothes for school.  I loved that time!

I watched Jorge's flat tummy from a post on Jorge & me...very doable. So I will add that this week  I need to build my strength back up.

Wishing you all good eating and happy blogging...I missed all of you this week I love to read all your blogs.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Yeah!  a good day

2pc Flax Bread w/peanut butter and tea w/ almond milk
Salmon salad  mayo/pickle and 2 celery stalks
coffee w/soy and 2pc chocalate.
1/2c brown rice, 1/4c peas, 2eggs (some butter & hoisin sauce)

Zevia and another piece of chocolate at work snack to keep me going....I get tired about 6pm and need a pick me up to make to the end of my shift.

I found this amazing chocolate here in BC it's by wild & sweet @ www.dcduby.com
  5pc = 10grams carbs / 4grams fibre / 0 sugars
This ones flavor is "Crunch" coffee/vanilla bean/walnut...mmmm good!
Handmade in true artisan fashion with select Origin 70% dark chocolate:  Texture artisan chocolate praline bar
no artificial sweeteners... it's all in the way they make it....amazing taste.  
Food Journal ...

Woke up today and ate first thing...I have been waking up and not eating first thing and then I don't get all my food in for the day...so today is a good day :-)   I found some bread 1 slice 2/1 so I had my old favorite tea and toast ...mmmmm good!

As soon as I get a new phone with a camera I will start putting up these products I find because being in Canada I don't always have access to the same products but I can find substitutes.

Bread Product I found is Silver Hills Mack's Flax 1 slice has 20 grams carbs and 2 sugars and 6gram fibre
Also found So Nice coffee creamer 1 TBSP(15ml)  1.5grams carbs and 0.5 grams sugars
Both products are BC products found at Save-on-Foods

Well off to eat once more before I start my shift at noon.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Food journal post
I have been food journalling for past few day;  I bought a journal that I like to carry with me and it's seem to be working - now I just have to quit having bad days...

Breakfast a handful of almonds
....then an hour later
1/2 c. brown rice with 1/4c peas and a boiled egg (butter & touch of housin sauce)
Tuna with pickles/celery/mayo & coconut thai chicken soup and organic crackers

... today I  was scattered and short on time. So once again I didn't eat enough and I get home past 8pm so it tea and water only I don't eat past 7pm.  I wasn't feeling very well either physically or emotionally...I am just going to have a bath, go to bed and start over again tomorrow.