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Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9th, 2012

Hi Everyone

Just checking in...I have been busy doing yard work today.  Still doing good and keeping up with BFC and no sugar!  The temptation is big now that summer is here...but I am finding my way through the mine fields.  Went to the pub on Saturday with friends and I was good had a side dish of steak bits in saute button mushroom and 2 glasses of white wine!  mmmm  good.  No Beer...and it was an Irish Pub with my favorite!

Today was my 1st BBQ meal at home....we have had lots of rain here so summer just started for us. This has been the first weekend that it was sunny and I was home to do some things in my yard.   So I figured I would cook up my weeks meat for my meals on the BBQ.   I ready for the week now!  

Sorry I haven't been leaving many comments....my time at the computer has been shorten.  But I will make more effort to leave comments and not just lurk as my daughter tells me that's rude :-)