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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Today is a new day :-)

Good Morning everyone

Just finished our Canadian Thanksgiving weekend it was only 2 dinners...usually it works out to 3 dinners in my family and friend group.  But from here till the end of the year it's a mine field for me lots of birthdays which mean family gatherings and food.   I know I can make good choices so going into this time of year after doing this since February I have a good foundation.   

Movement has been a big issue for me this year and it is finally showing some real improvement.  I have been doing great with my walking, even headed out at 6:45a.m. one morning :-)  I go for 30 minutes I don't know how far I go just keep and fast pace (for me) for 20 then cool it down for 10.   I keep in my head that I want to snowshoe this winter!  I have wanted to do this for years and every year comes and goes and I haven't done it...but this year is already different I bought a seasons pass to the local mountain and in the package I get one free rental of the snowshoes and a guided walk on the mountain in the snow.   Plus my daughter who loves the outdoors is going too....so I have made a commitment to her!  Accountability! 

Speaking of Accountability, that's the other thing that has got me this far through this blog I have accountability so I am recommitting to blog weekly here.  I wish I was close enough to join Rosalie's support group that would be fun and great to meet some of you.  I know sometimes I don't blog for a while because  of one thing or another mostly it's in my head...If don't have some great success to report then I get down on myself and  'beat myself up' which leaves me very unmotivated to blog.    Moving forward  I will commit for myself to just blog because it keeps me on track!  and it's all in our heads right!  Just make a shift in our heads and do it.   Also everyone has been so supportive even though I don't have recipes and knowledge to share :-)  Just my thoughts and struggles ( and there is a lot of struggles :-)  and I look forward to your comments that's really keeps me blogging which then keeps me on track.    When you are doing these type of life changing things it's really good to feel connected to others who understand how much effort you are putting in; just to get through the day of eating well....and now movement! yeah!  Really I can't express enough on how happy I am I can walk as well as I am!  I am on my way.

Thanks for listening :-)