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Friday, August 31, 2012

Birthday post

Hello Everyone :-)  This a very special week for me!

I am holidays for my birthday week...yes I put aside a week not just a day...LOL :-)

I spent my birthday up one of our local mountains...what a beautiful view.  I love it hear in BC you can be up in the mountains then down enjoying the sea all in the same day...going from cold to hot :-)  Gorgeous out fantastic weather to see all the sights and views. ( I was going to post pictures but my daughter didn't send them to me yet...so they will follow)

This was the first birthday in over a decade that I wasn't bigger than the year before!   I am so happy it's a big change for me...and I have to thank my blogging community, the support, information and how everyone shares their experience and knowledge has really help make the change for me.  It has made a HUGE difference for me.

Thank You All!!

For the first time in years I have made changes in my mindset;  I see it all so differently.  I see and accept that it is a lifestyle.  I am also accepting that for me;  this is necessary for my health.  I get it now, and the big change is that 'I am happy with it'.  I no longer feel like it just me being singled out and restricted.  Before it was always in the back of my thoughts that it was a punishment that I wasn't allowed the food I thought I loved...so I want them more :-)   and I felt I deserved to eat whatever I wanted and got very angry at anyone who said differently.   I guess I made the 'mental switch' Finally :-)... and I am going forward fine tuning along the way to what my body needs to be healthy, strong and energized.

It's been a good year!  I survived the ups and downs and made a big change in my life...kicking and screaming but change just the same :-)

Cheers! and Hugs! to All :-)