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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy 12-12-12 birthday to my daughter !

Well it's my daughter 12 - 12 -12 birthday!  I delivered a red velvet with cream cheese icing cake to her at work and told them it was Twelveina's Birthday today :-)  she loves all the attention and turned red as her red sweater she was wearing.  Lot's of fun.   I didn't have any cake...but I might have a bite when I go back to pick her up for some late night girl shopping after work.  That's what we are doing for her birthday together...the weekend will be with all her other peeps! 

My friend help me get my house all decorated and we had wine and a good time!  The house looks wonderful and I am almost done with all the preparations for christmas stuff...you know visits, office parties, house parties, etc.   I will be starting my events this Saturday with the office gathering then sunday with a Christmas tour day.  I am going up to the local mountain with friends then a late lunch ..then Christmas light tour and back to my house to visit.   Should be fun and busy.  

Wishing you all lots of fun....try to just enjoy the moment. 
 ....Nobody will know that you forgot to get the perfect candles or "whatever" we are the only ones who knows what goes on in our heads...shhhhh....and don't tell them what you forgot...just have fun together!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Well the Christmas rush is on!

I was out in the stores today with my daughter - her birthday is the 12th and it has always sent in me into panic mode to get everything done for some reason.   I do my best during this time of the year not to watch TV commercial and not to listen to the radio again the commercials...they get me going into panic mode and that I have to get things done now.    I have learn to stop myself and take a breath so I can enjoy myself with my family and friends, but it's insane that I still have to stop myself.  Oh well at least I have learn to stop myself.  I would like to eventually not even start down the panic road...one day...right :-)  

Well I have finished up the big changes I was working on and now I can settle into the season. ( Sorry no details..it's a secret... as someone might read them that shouldn't know ;-)     I am behind on my Christmas decorations;  so my friend has offered to come over and spend the day with me to do just that.  We can break out the wine and put on the Christmas music and have fun!   I hope everyone else is enjoying the season and doing all the seasonal fun stuff like I am.   I am going to try the pumpkin protein shake this week....did you know that pumpkin is one of the super nutritional foods!   I love pumpkin so I'm really looking forward to that one.

Wishing you all lots of seasonal fun stuff! 

Seasonal ideas...

....Grab some of your favorite holiday tea in a To Go mug and look at Christmas Lights in the neighbourhood....We drive around with holiday music on...some people even have their lights set to music that you can listen in on a station they have setup on the car radio.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Why I have been gone so long!

Hi All,

Well I am back :-)   my computer died and it took awhile to get back online. I haven't master typing on my tablet it just causes me great stress doing that.  Also I have working on some big changes that I hope will be completed this week.  So I haven't been blogging or leaving messages but I am still here!  

I was reading on Rosalie's blog - Trina's comment that the our blood sugar spike double with whole wheat bread over a snickers bar...I'm going for the snickers bar!  lol.  No I am not but in my experience as soon as I touch anything with wheat my cravings are back full on!   One of my biggest problems is night time cravings and when I do the BFC original with no wheat; I don't have a problem with craving in the evening.  It's very manageable even if I am experience stress or emotional stress I can't deal with it.  But if I have been eating wheat the craving monster has a tantrum and I often give in to it.   Well now I know I can do better :-)  Thanks for sharing that from the Dr Oz show, I missed it.

Happy December everyone!

Monday, October 22, 2012


I have mentioned before that I have a goal of snowshoeing this winter.  Well yesterday I was looking at some snowshoes to buy :-)  visualization with action... lol ... and today I am doing my walking, which is doing very good.     Also today I am making the protein bars that everyone has been enjoying....mmmmm.   plus getting my food prepared for the week.   I ate my breakfast this morning within an hour of waking up...I actually get a bit nauseous eating in the morning but I am having good results from it energy and weight wise, so I am thinking it will pass and it's just my body readjusting.

Well off to clean my fridge and make food....what an exciting day...I can hardly contain myself...NOT :-)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Breakfast is the Key!

Last week at the advised of Rosalie I started eating a real breakfast (fiber and protein/veggies).   I have often missed or ate it later mid-morning or drank it as I ran out the door but I made a point of eating within an hour of waking as I was told :-)  .  Then in our local news this week they have a regular piece done by a local doctor also mentioning that they have scientific proof that breakfast is the most important meal of the day...below is a article with some links if you are interested. 

We've always been big fans of the morning meal - especially when it looks like this. But now we have     proof that breakfast really is worth waking up for as neuroscientists have discovered that skipping breakfast means your brain is primed to look for unhealthier, higher-calorie foods later in the day.

In an article in the Guardian, Tony Goldstone, of the MRC Clinical Science Centre at Imperial College London, talks about his findings after he scanned the brains of people who skipped meals. He also discovered that people who miss the first meal of the day eat more at lunch time. "Not surprisingly, when they are fasted they are hungry and they rate the high-calorie foods as more appealing than when they are fed," said Goldstone. "For low-calorie foods, the effect is not as marked. When they come out of the scanner, they are given lunch and they eat more when they haven't had breakfast."

We don't want to say we told you so but..."

I found it wonderful how I was getting these messages coming from all directions :-)  Did I get the message?  Yes!   and this week I reported my weight went down!  It hadn't moved lower for 6 weeks it did go up 2-3lbs depending on the day but now it's down to a new low!!   I did notice my food choices were different at lunch, all good and healthy.   I also made sure I added some green veggies to breakfast and lunch.   Dinner is still a challenge but I am eating  food all day so it feels okay I  make up some protein then when I get home I just have to do something with veggies and heat the protein.   Sometimes if I am not very hungry at dinner I just have a bit of protein and that's it.   The message for this week is eat your breakfast!! get your metabolism started first thing.   "Break The Fast" and things will work better.....that's what I have posted on my fridge to remind me.  This is a big thing for me to change I started as a teen not eating breakfast so I have to reprogram to make the positive change for myself.

Oh and PS
I am on my days off I ate my breakfast by 9:00 a.m. (see I listened Rosalie :)  another big accomplishment for me...I have been a big offender of not eating until 11a.m. or 2 in the afternoon on chore days or days off ....so big YEAH!  and it shows ;-)


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Inspiration sneaking in :-)

Well I feel a bit better today...feeling like a cup of tea too ;-)  after I saw Patti message lol.  After a good pep talk from Rosalie!  Thank you Rosalie!!  I feel better, I even went out I got myself some wraps and stuff to make a  wrap for breakfast.  I am going to eat my breakfast not drink it :-)  so I had a good breakfast & lunch...no snacks just some coffee with almond milk (too busy at work to have snacks).   Now it's time for dinner and here I sit totally uninspired :(  tea as I said sounds good and view some blogs. 
...Well at least I eat breakfast and lunch and that is what I am trying to do this week.  I will head out for my walk ( I am doing so good at that )  and see what happens with food when I get back.  I am hungry, just don't want to prepare anything....once I get through this week my next days off I will do some prep work with single size portion as Dawn is suggesting today :-)   It's tiring after a day of work to come home and cook to much...even worst when you don't really like to cook or make stuff...I like to be served...lol :-)

See you in the Blogs :-)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Another busy weekend :-)

My Daughter surprise birthday party was this weekend..Hawaiian theme it was fun.  Today is her actual birthday and we have a birthday tea...she still loves tea parties...hahaha :-) She turns 25 today all grown up and having a tea party :-)  She also loves 'High Tea'  I will have to take her to Victoria BC once for a very English High Tea at the Empress Hotel.

I haven't done well with my eaten this week.   Need to get back on track.  I made myself one of my favorite soups but it didn't turn out...too much spice and too salty?  I guess I wasn't paying attention and trying to cook quickly as I ran to my next thing that had to be done :-(    I hate my cooking this month.

I am also not being prepared with my food in fact I am not taking care of myself well at all.  I will have to refocus today and make this week all about making food for me and my freezer to help me get over this hump and back on track.  I just really don't want to make food UGH.   Boiling an egg feels like too much LOL.

Well wish me luck :-)  I will read all your blogs to see if I can inspire myself into cooking.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Today is a new day :-)

Good Morning everyone

Just finished our Canadian Thanksgiving weekend it was only 2 dinners...usually it works out to 3 dinners in my family and friend group.  But from here till the end of the year it's a mine field for me lots of birthdays which mean family gatherings and food.   I know I can make good choices so going into this time of year after doing this since February I have a good foundation.   

Movement has been a big issue for me this year and it is finally showing some real improvement.  I have been doing great with my walking, even headed out at 6:45a.m. one morning :-)  I go for 30 minutes I don't know how far I go just keep and fast pace (for me) for 20 then cool it down for 10.   I keep in my head that I want to snowshoe this winter!  I have wanted to do this for years and every year comes and goes and I haven't done it...but this year is already different I bought a seasons pass to the local mountain and in the package I get one free rental of the snowshoes and a guided walk on the mountain in the snow.   Plus my daughter who loves the outdoors is going too....so I have made a commitment to her!  Accountability! 

Speaking of Accountability, that's the other thing that has got me this far through this blog I have accountability so I am recommitting to blog weekly here.  I wish I was close enough to join Rosalie's support group that would be fun and great to meet some of you.  I know sometimes I don't blog for a while because  of one thing or another mostly it's in my head...If don't have some great success to report then I get down on myself and  'beat myself up' which leaves me very unmotivated to blog.    Moving forward  I will commit for myself to just blog because it keeps me on track!  and it's all in our heads right!  Just make a shift in our heads and do it.   Also everyone has been so supportive even though I don't have recipes and knowledge to share :-)  Just my thoughts and struggles ( and there is a lot of struggles :-)  and I look forward to your comments that's really keeps me blogging which then keeps me on track.    When you are doing these type of life changing things it's really good to feel connected to others who understand how much effort you are putting in; just to get through the day of eating well....and now movement! yeah!  Really I can't express enough on how happy I am I can walk as well as I am!  I am on my way.

Thanks for listening :-)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Wow! a whole month...No Blogging

Hi Everyone....I have been commenting and reading blogs, but haven't been in the mindset to do any blogging myself.  I have been in the 'Y' Loop as I call it:   Why this....Why that...Why can't I make this work?  just circling back to Why?  and 'Why' question only create more 'y' questions.  Ever play the little kid game to see how many time you can ask why?  Well turns out in my head it feels like infinity squared.

So how do you stop, you say?  or maybe not...you might just be looking at these words and saying she needs to stop whining and get on with it.   But actually the way I am stopping it is by changing the question to 'How' questions like;  How can I get there and enjoy the process?....turning my why's into how's.  It takes concisous effort on my part to be aware that I am stuck on the 'Y' loop and change the question to 'How'  and then remember to add 'and enjoy the process'.   Life needs more enjoyment and we have to make it better for ourselves one choice at a time. 

I have been at a standstill with my weight for the past month once again...so I have to changed my 'Why can't I get this weight to move off my body??!!'  to   'How can I get things moving and enjoy the process?'  I find whenever I have done this in my past it has opened doors to ideas when I least expect it.  It's just that I have been stuck in the 'y' loop for a long time I had forgotten about it how to stop it, till someone reminded me of this.  I was so grateful to be reminded it has already started to help.

Just this past weekend I was in the middle of the 'y' loop and I changed it to how...then my daughter calls and suggested we go to the mountain top so I dragged myself out and went with her.   Once there my whole head space changed I felt happy and inspired the mountain air got me out of my mental slump.   That was yesterday and today I went for the first of my daily walks that I have committed to.  

I have come along way since November of last year when I injured myself and couldn't walk very far at all.   I walked at a good pace and my strided was so much better and I didn't have to make it short due to my leg giving out.  It was a good day :-)

Cheers to you all

Friday, August 31, 2012

Birthday post

Hello Everyone :-)  This a very special week for me!

I am holidays for my birthday week...yes I put aside a week not just a day...LOL :-)

I spent my birthday up one of our local mountains...what a beautiful view.  I love it hear in BC you can be up in the mountains then down enjoying the sea all in the same day...going from cold to hot :-)  Gorgeous out fantastic weather to see all the sights and views. ( I was going to post pictures but my daughter didn't send them to me yet...so they will follow)

This was the first birthday in over a decade that I wasn't bigger than the year before!   I am so happy it's a big change for me...and I have to thank my blogging community, the support, information and how everyone shares their experience and knowledge has really help make the change for me.  It has made a HUGE difference for me.

Thank You All!!

For the first time in years I have made changes in my mindset;  I see it all so differently.  I see and accept that it is a lifestyle.  I am also accepting that for me;  this is necessary for my health.  I get it now, and the big change is that 'I am happy with it'.  I no longer feel like it just me being singled out and restricted.  Before it was always in the back of my thoughts that it was a punishment that I wasn't allowed the food I thought I loved...so I want them more :-)   and I felt I deserved to eat whatever I wanted and got very angry at anyone who said differently.   I guess I made the 'mental switch' Finally :-)... and I am going forward fine tuning along the way to what my body needs to be healthy, strong and energized.

It's been a good year!  I survived the ups and downs and made a big change in my life...kicking and screaming but change just the same :-)

Cheers! and Hugs! to All :-)

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Good Morning All,

Finally the scale moved to 219lbs  Yeah!! (that's 2lbs lower).   I lowered my carbs to 20-25 grams a day, seems I am very carb sensitive.  I have been reading a book called "Why We Get FAT" by Gary Taubes a very interesting read, my daughter shared it with me.   He is basicly stating that:  "Carbohydrates make us fat and they do so independently of the first law of thermodynamics. Forget about calories, you can eat as many or as few of those as you'd like, ultimately weight is purely about carbohydrates." 

We will see :-)   if my numbers now consistently go down or not, with my reduce carb intake.   I am sticking to the idea once I achieve my goal weight, and I will!  I will then have to test which carbs work well with me, introducing them slowly and seeing how the effect my weight.   Which is basically what we are all doing by fine tuning are diets to how our bodies react to certain foods.

Hugs to all...I know allot of us are having major stressful times in our lives at the moment and the strength you are all showing is amazing.  Sending good thoughts and love to you all.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


After a bumpy couple of weeks I am recommitting to BFC with lower carbs between 20 to 40 a day until things start to happen again.  Also as Rosalie told me add some green to my diet!  That's a hard one for me so I am cooking up my kale and have a few emergency frozen broccoli & cauliflower steamers to get me on the road to veggie land.   It's not that I don't like veggies; I do, I just get lazy and eat very plain I don't like meals everyday so I have little mini-meals.  You see I am non-conformist try to conform...very challenging.
Mornings I have been doing great at;  I have hard boil eggs in the fridge and my protein drink all ready easy peasy for me to grab and remember in the morning even on my days off!!

As for the news on the hormonal front...OMG!
    ....so many suggestions; so many opinions; so many variables: so many choice with no straight answer...the short version try something;  see if it works for you because everybody's journey is individual.  I am taking Evening Primrose Oil only now.   I take it in the morning then another just before bed.  It seems to be helping.   I will keep this up for a while before adding  anything else....and the no sugar diet is very good for helping balance the hormones :-)

    Tuesday, August 14, 2012

    Busy weekend

    Very busy weekend, 2 days off and didn't stop...muscles are soar I seemed to walk for 2 days.  No relief on the hormonal front doctor is sending me to a specialist but I don't have much hope from them... I am keeping it natural as possible black cohosh is what I have been using but its not working any more and I tried maca same..night/day sweats etc. continue.   So next stop the compound pharmacist that specializes in bio-identical therapy...will keep you posted.

    As for eating I'm doing well...helps to be with my daughter that last couple of days as she is on a health kit and getting sugar and wheat out of her life.  Hope you are all doing well; now I am off to work for another exciting day :-)  can you hear the sarcasm in they typing...LOL

    Thursday, August 9, 2012

    I fell :-(

    I fell off the wagon and jumped into the bread basket...aaauughh....I totally comfort ate last night!  Yes night time eating and it was bread...wheat!    I don't know why?  it was there; I was there; then it was in my belly.  Total comfort food meltdown -  tea and toast with peanut butter and jam.    Its my weakness but I have been so good for so long I don't know what got into me.   Hormones!!   they betrayed me again.   I felt the stressed and didn't use any of my techniques to release (I have a few that work) I just went for the easiest path :-(   food.....aaaaughhh.

    Okay I have confessed my sins;  time to brush off the dirt and get up and jump back on the wagon.  Its actually very cleansing to type this out....I wish I could do this with all my stuff that I seem to like to beat myself up with but then I would be putting to much private information out there....and we all know that's hasn't turn out well for some of our blogging friends.  I miss Wednesday Confessionals :-( 


    Wednesday, August 8, 2012

    Back to Work

    Well I am done with my 3day weekend and now back to work.  I think my meno moods are better with my work day routine.  On my days off I just seem to stop my morning routine and food prep;  that means I forget my supplements and balanced eating.  I still eat BFC just feels like I forget to eat most of the time.  I am going to get some information on the menopause stuff tomorrow.  I think it has alot to do with that, I am not in a good head space and I need some help with balancing things out.  Atleast with work days I have a routine;  I get up in the morning make my shake with all my vitamins in it and take my supplements then once I am there I am forced to take lunch at a certain time etc. etc.   I cooked up a storm last night prep-ing for the next couple of days so lots of good food choices! So I am good to go :-)

    One a side note:    We had a wicked lightning storm last night for 3 hours!!  and I am sure one of the fork lightning hit the ground within a mile of my house!! Yikes! The thunder crack made me jump 3 feet in the air...scarey!  But I kept cooking LOL

    Monday, August 6, 2012

    Long weekend!!! yippy!

    Well we are having our long weekend....BC Day!  so oops, I have had a little more carbs than usual..still BCF friendly but for me I have to keep my carbs lower...so no new lower numbers (I am bouncing higher).   Also I think I am pms-ing or is it just one long pms since I am menopause-ing;  I just don't know anymore. I get my cycle it then it goes away for months then it comes back but you still get symptoms...its all so unfair and exhausting.   I am going to a couple of different health practitioners to get some help and information.

    I think the fact that my weight is still going down even though its slow is a very good sign, and that I am on the right track with my eating.   Most women going through menopause usual see a weight gain of 10lbs to 15lbs!   I am doing great!  Not only haven't I gone up;  I have gone down and more than 15lbs.  Yeah! for me.   I am coming up to my birthday this month I am targeting 30lbs down or better...its only 4.5 away  I can do it!!  this will be the first birthday in 10 yrs that I will be smaller than the year before.  Big Woot! Woot!

    Wednesday, August 1, 2012

    Good Morning

    Good News I am still at 221lbs...I haven't bounced up (fingers crossed) I am listening to the pod cast that Trina suggested http://www.askthelowcarbexperts.com/2012/01/1-weight-loss-obstacles-jackie-eberstein/
    I am finding it to be a good pep talk and reminding me of things to focus on.

    Stress is a big one in my life, it's been chronic in my life;  which I have just gotten use to it and I think my body has gotten suck!  Managing stress is a big one for me, there really is no way to get rid of it from our lives other than going to live in the mountains away from all and then the bears and other wild things might cause you stress..LOL so finding a way to manage it sounds better to me.   Also they suggested to adding Chromium Polynicotinate and resistant training.   I have been trying to add the resistant training to my weekly routine and have been having a challenge with motivation and energy.  I will go today to my friendly health food store and pick me up some Chromium P.  

    Monday, July 30, 2012

    You are right Daisy!!

    The other 2 lbs came off...now just stay there or bounce lower :-)

    Looks like I have to be strict about my starchy carbs though.  I can't seem to have the 40 grams or the BCF 2 per meal :(  maybe once I have healed my metabolism and get down to my goal weight; but now it's just to much then scale does not move and my energy is low.  

    I am missing fruit!!   BC has wonderful fruit...all the fresh road side stands are everywhere right now.  I just keep telling myself next summer you can taste them... it's just one summer without.   I plan once I get to my healthy weight I will have some fruit in season occasionally, but it will still be in moderation.   Just stay away this year! the sugar is too much for me right now.    I feel if I start it will just be down hill from there.

    Sunday, July 29, 2012

    July 29, 2012

    Just a quick post my weight has come down 2lb of the 4lb that it bounce up.  I didn't drink any extra water yesterday...it was a day off for me, I often goof up my routine then.   This the one thing I am consistent on ( goofing up my routine)...Does that count for being consistent?  :-)

    Well off to eat healthy, drink some water and do yard work!  It's sunny and beautiful here today.

    Have a wonderful day.

    Thursday, July 26, 2012

    July 26,2012

    Hi Everyone :-)

    Well this morning I was 4lbs up :(  My body weight likes to bounce.  Alteast my bounce is the lowest its been this year.   I might or might not have my cycle beginning that could be the reason for the 4lbs.
    I manged to drink 96 oz of water today; that has been my target I got close the last couple of days but today I hit my target.  I was told by a health practitioner that drinking that amount of water a day will help with my brain clearing up and lifting the meno-brain fog I have been experiencing.  I figured I would  give it a try!   I don't hear the fog horn as much LOL    Also this week I have started using kefir liquid for my probiotics; I add a Tbsp to my morning shake.
    Here is the link if you want to read up on it     http://users.chariot.net.au/~dna/Makekefir.html

    Wednesday, July 25, 2012

    Thanks all :-)

    Yes support does help....  It does lift my spirits :-)  Thanks for reminding me that I haven't thrown in the towel just in that itself is a success.

    I kept to another day of no wheat!! yippy! had a delicious dinner of steak bites with saute onions and mushrooms, plus a glass of white wine.    I felt like a treat I never treat myself to wine, but today was hot and stressful at work.  So making a nice dinner  with wine was what the day called for.  Helps the mood too LOL.   My daughter came by and we went for a walk, what a beautiful sunset and great time for a walk.   Then to starbucks had their black ice tea...no sugar.

    Keeping on keeping on ...one step at time

    PS...I put on my capri jeans that were tight at the beginning of summer and they fit great now! even a little baggy :-)  score!

    July 25, 2012

    Hey Everyone

    So much for keeping my blog current :(  I would love to say it's because I am so busy but mostly its because I am having such a ruff time with my weight.  I made it  down another pound after 4 weeks of effort.  Hot flashes have started up and my mood sucks to be around.  Isn't this a cheerful post. I decided to keep blogging even though I had nothing positive to share.  I thought it would be good for me to see what I went through on this journey, so that is why I am just blogging today.  I love everybody's post as the share ideas and recipes but for me at this point I don't have allot to share.  Just the battle it's all I got.  I have been trying to do my weights and walking but I am not consistent.    I believe that is one of my major weakness lack of consistency as you can see by my blogs...it shows everywhere.  

    Still no sugar! Yeah!  and have dropped the wheat again - it was sneaking back in.  Wow this is an up hill battle!


    Monday, July 9, 2012

    July 9th, 2012

    Hi Everyone

    Just checking in...I have been busy doing yard work today.  Still doing good and keeping up with BFC and no sugar!  The temptation is big now that summer is here...but I am finding my way through the mine fields.  Went to the pub on Saturday with friends and I was good had a side dish of steak bits in saute button mushroom and 2 glasses of white wine!  mmmm  good.  No Beer...and it was an Irish Pub with my favorite!

    Today was my 1st BBQ meal at home....we have had lots of rain here so summer just started for us. This has been the first weekend that it was sunny and I was home to do some things in my yard.   So I figured I would cook up my weeks meat for my meals on the BBQ.   I ready for the week now!  

    Sorry I haven't been leaving many comments....my time at the computer has been shorten.  But I will make more effort to leave comments and not just lurk as my daughter tells me that's rude :-) 

    Thursday, July 5, 2012

    July 5th, 2012

    Just finished another weight training work out, my arms are feeling rubbery :-)  I did okay yesterday for food I find that I don't get enough veggies in, that's why I do the shake;  its full of stuff I miss out on.   It's not like I am eating bad stuff it just they day is busy mostly with work and I don't eat enough.  I get home at 8pm from my late shift so no eating at that point.   At least with the 2 shakes I get more nutrition in.  But I like the days where I eat meals better. 

    Well just want to check in...I am trying to stay current on my blogging also.


    Wednesday, July 4, 2012

    July 4, 2012

    Happy 4th of July to all my friends across the boarder!  Hope you are enjoying yourselves BCF style.

    Yesterday I did 50 minutes of exercise, very beginners level but I put the time in and felt my muscle say "What's going ON??"  I have enough videos and tools at home to do it so the only that was stopping me was pain and lack of energy.   Since my energy is also improving 20lbs less to carry around with me :-)  the time was right to step it up from my walking only.

    Also I was talking to a trainer and he said if your muscles aren't hurting afterwards you didn't work them enough.   A little extreme I thought but I get what he is saying, and yes mine muscles hurt in a good way and the hurt is not in my hip! Yeah!  I am very careful and protective of cause myself pain so I make sure the pain is only muscle pain or strain.  My other stumbling block is that I am not very good in groups;  because I don't listen to my body and I get caught up in the group, keeping in pace with them...which I then cause myself injury.  So home gym for me :-)

    I am back to 2 shakes a day with snacks and one meal....it works for my schedule I find somedays I only have time for one meal.   The days I have more time I make more BCF meals which seems to work for me.

    Well off to work for me....everyone else Have Fun and enjoy the fireworks!

    Tuesday, July 3, 2012

    July 3rd, 2012

    Hi Everyone,

    I have been out of sorts lately and just shut down,  Boy have I felt the disconnect happening;  I get that way when I get overwhelmed.  Just needed to go quiet to work it out.  I think it helped because I feeling refreshed and ready to get back in saddle....the horse may have kicked me off but I am wiping the dust off my pants and ready to get back on.
    It has been a real struggle for me, my weight is doing it real slow and easy.  So I have to reset and rewind and hit from another angle just to keep the slow results.  But now my hip is finally letting move more.  For the first time since last November I am able to walk down the stairs normally (it's a long story...just trust me this is a great thing!)  So I should be able to incorporate more activity which I believe for me is the key to increasing my metabolism and healing the years of damage I have done.   Walking (hiking) and resistance training will play a big role for me.   Between my injury and my lack of energy it has been difficult to add these things in so am looking forward to this and I have my Advil ready!  My muscles are going to be in shock :-)  but slow and easy I don't want to re-injure myself.   I am a bit of klutz when it comes to exercise.

    Happy "Canada Day" & "Fourth of July" to all

    Monday, June 18, 2012

    June 18, 2012

    Hi Everyone,

    I ended up gaining :(   I usually gain some just as my period starts so I am putting down to that.  I have such a sweet craving too along with that.  I was doing so well with my 6 month vacations from this and last month it came back and I notice it brought the sweet craving with it.  I am staying strong;  I tried making a cup of tea with some BCF friendly dark chocolate I found, but it's just not working.   I am staying away from everything but it's difficult.  Any suggestions??  what helps with the monthly sweet cravings?    Keep in mind that if I make something like the protein bars...which would so hit the spot! they sound delicious -  I couldn't stop - the freezer won't stop me...I just make a hot cup of tea and dip..LOL   I am very obedient to the call...Yes Master I am coming to get you! mmmm good.    So NO big batches of food I have to store and eat all of :-)    Most days I can do it...it's just you know that monthly sweet craving that seems to have a life of its own.

    My alter-ego is calling I must go now.....coming master, what you want ice cream??  the gallon size??

    Tuesday, June 12, 2012

    Well I have had house guess for the last 11 days...I'm not use to it and I found myself stress eating :(  atleast they were BCF friendly foods but still a bad habit.   Strangely enough even as I was doing it I am telling myself I am stress eating...but I did it anyways.   I didn't know how to keep my emotional reaction in check, I suffer from people pleaser effects .... I was afraid if I didn't shut down my emotional I was going to be rude to my house guest....and I find when I feel that coming on I strike first and ask question later.  I don't usually have people staying in my home and didn't except myself to react that way....so I stress ate :(   instead of dealing with my emotions.   Finally on the last day I did have a discussion with my guest which help me.   I think because I felt safe that I wouldn't have to live with their response if it didn't go well because they were leaving.   Oh the things we do to avoid dealing with our emotions or others emotional reactions.   I'm glad to report even though I did stress eat I did manage to reduce 2 more pounds!!  Yeah!

    Well now I am off to plant my herb garden with my daughter's help.

    Wednesday, May 30, 2012

    Back to work. Feeling good I have been really trying to change me self talk.  A more accepting loving way, it seems to be helping in alot of areas not just the weight game.  As I am changing how I talk to myself it is helping me deal better with stress and a side benefit is my work environment, the stresses of my job didn't effect me the same today.

    I found that I had pictures of myself stuck in my head, mostly from growing up;  what I was told by words and actions as a child and young girl, we all have them the stories we have of our lives.   I have been working on changing my story, Oprah life classes was working on it and I was using what I heard from her classes and chats with my friend.   The thing that hit home for me was when my friend held my pants up to show me the dryer had gotten all the wrinkles out (she loves her new appliances and was showing me one of her favorite functions)  all I could see was huge *ss pants that I hated the sight of them! the size of them! with lots of other stuff attached and had a bad reaction...she said "you are giving these pants alot of power?  they are just pants....not any reflection of who you are.  That's when the switch flip for me, why am I giving the pants, my body size, or old stories from my childhood power over me all the time.  They are not me, they are not who I am.   Who I am is inside and everyday I get to choose to be my beautiful, loving self and the size I am is just a shape no more or less and I am reshaping.  Happily reshaping choosing to be loving to myself, and think and treat myself with the love and kindness I treat others.

    Just my thoughts for the day :-)

    Tuesday, May 29, 2012

    I am home after my week of relaxing and I am down 2lbs!!   Relaxing is a good thing ...LOL :-)   I was able to stick to my healthy eating mainly avoided sugar... I also kept snacks on me so I didn't get really hungry.   I had a good time and now busy doing my laundry and getting food ready for the week of back to work.   Hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend, here in Canada our long weekend was the weekend before, but like me allot of us use it as a part of a holiday week getting that extra day off tack onto our holiday to make for more time off together.

    Sunday, May 20, 2012

    OMG! What a week....I am still down even though the stress level was through the roof and still is as I pack for my week vacation.  I head to the island which is a close to home vacation but I am far enough for a change of scene.  Trying to get all my work clean off my desk at work with crazy clients calling and demanding things at the last minute causes me great stress if I could drink and not gain I would.  I know I can have some wine but when I am feeling that kind of stress and I start I might not stop and then I would eat and then and then...downward spiral  not good.

    I have been sticking with the 2 shakes a day with a lunch meal and snacks it's been good, usually when I have weeks like this I would eat on the run and make bad choices or since I have gotten sugar out of my diet I will go without eating, I remember in my 20's and 30's I would go without eating all day....that's how I got into the mess.  That's why I think the shakes are helping so much, the one that I am using has allot nutrition to it which my body loves (plus I am using Reslina, magnesium and probiotics),  not eating enough for me puts my body into starvation mode and it has become very effective at storing fat because it doesn't know when it will be fed again.  I would make a good bear :-)

    I remember a doctor telling me when I was gaining; that its all about calories in and calories burned...I asked him if he ever had a weight problem in his life...he said no... I told him he didn't know what he was talking about and stop giving stupid advise...then I told him to follow me for a week and if he could gain weight on the amount I was eating I would be surprised...that was back in the days I would go without eating and no I didn't binge eat either. I was a single mom with her own business and barely had enough time to get it all done.  I really didn't eat much at all....as I am writing this and remembering I am amazed how I survived, it was just insanity, my body learned to turn any food into fat it was sure I was living in the ice-age and didn't know how long before I would find the next food source :-)

    That's the story of how it all started, about 10 years ago though is when the weight got stupid and by then I was no longer going without food, I was then addicted to the sugar and the cravings were taking over and the weight kept on going up and down.  My metabolism was shot.

    So what I have learned this week that getting sugar out of my body has been very powerful and very good for my body!! and that keeping balanced nutrition in my body is very very important and that there is lots of ways to do that.  I am enjoying the shakes at this moment and be open for new ideas because you might have to shake ;-)  things up every once in a while.

    Thanks for sharing everyone!

    Sunday, May 13, 2012

    Yeah results!  reduced by 4 lbs finally !!!   I have been bouncing with the same 3 lbs for a month now and I finally have gotten into a new bounce zone.  It's seems to go this way I get a number then bounce around with it up and down by 2 or 3  pounds then it moves to a lower number bounce around that number for a while.  So the changing it up has helped....thank you for the suggestion.   I am doing my healthy good for the body shake; one for breakfast and one for dinner and then I have been eating lunch and snacks during the day depending on the busy-ness of the day.
    I think what is happening is my body is getting balance nutrition with the shakes, also reduces the stress of figuring out a healthy food choice when I am done for the day and I am really not into thinking about food fixing or eating it...that's left over from family dinners always figuring out what to feed everyone; everyday of my life for the rest of my existence...do I sound begrudging ...lol and on mothers day how human of me LOL.   Anyway I do have some food and self care issues I have to work on but the shakes are working for the moment and with this new territory called peri-menopause (it so new spell check doesn't even know what it is:) I don't know what my body might need next to keep the healthy reducing and reshaping moving forward.  But I am glad I have a wonderful blogging community to turn to for ideas and support.   19lbs down and 67 more to go!!  Yikes I shouldn't have done the math....lalalala...go to my happy place :)
    Happy Mother's Day to all us amazing mothers...


    Reflections of Motherhood - Enjoy!

    Tuesday, May 8, 2012

    Thanks for the feedback, I am not so frustrated today :-)  I am going to try using "Vega One" protein shake sweetened with stevia  (Canadian version of a protein shake).  It also has excellent balance nutrition properties in their formual...very good for the body.
    Cal 138 / Carbs 11.4 / Fibre 6g / Sugars 1.4g  and mixing it with Almond Breeze.   I tried it before and it was yucky but they have redone they formula and the chocolate is okay.   I might order the protein shake from amazon that you are recommending.   But first give this a try see if it makes a difference.

    Also made a pack with my daughter to do Jorge flat tummy routine to build some fat burning muscle.  I have been walking with her and she commented on my pace is improving.  So my goal of adding more movement is doing well...I will be hiking again this year!

    Monday, May 7, 2012

    Okay frustration is setting in...I have had no change since April 16  no increase no decrease.  The good part is that I am sticking to my guns and keeping away from night time eating and no sugar.   I know I it's a difficult time in my life to loose weight (peri-menopause), atleast I am not going up any more.. Which I am very grateful for....just have to keep reminding myself about that.   But really nothing!  same measurements....**sigh**... **pouty face :(  same weight..just keeps bouncing up 2 down 2.

    All I can think is not enough water  and probiotics and being consistent with them...I keep forgetting them for a couple of days then back on them.  Everything with loosing weight now is so difficult.    When did it get so complicated!?

    Saturday, May 5, 2012

    Just a quit post to say hi :-)

    I am keeping up with my food journal the new book and pen are helping...I love new journals and pens I guess it reminds me of September when you get all new supplies and clothes for school.  I loved that time!

    I watched Jorge's flat tummy from a post on Jorge & me...very doable. So I will add that this week  I need to build my strength back up.

    Wishing you all good eating and happy blogging...I missed all of you this week I love to read all your blogs.

    Wednesday, May 2, 2012

    Yeah!  a good day

    2pc Flax Bread w/peanut butter and tea w/ almond milk
    Salmon salad  mayo/pickle and 2 celery stalks
    coffee w/soy and 2pc chocalate.
    1/2c brown rice, 1/4c peas, 2eggs (some butter & hoisin sauce)

    Zevia and another piece of chocolate at work snack to keep me going....I get tired about 6pm and need a pick me up to make to the end of my shift.

    I found this amazing chocolate here in BC it's by wild & sweet @ www.dcduby.com
      5pc = 10grams carbs / 4grams fibre / 0 sugars
    This ones flavor is "Crunch" coffee/vanilla bean/walnut...mmmm good!
    Handmade in true artisan fashion with select Origin 70% dark chocolate:  Texture artisan chocolate praline bar
    no artificial sweeteners... it's all in the way they make it....amazing taste.  
    Food Journal ...

    Woke up today and ate first thing...I have been waking up and not eating first thing and then I don't get all my food in for the day...so today is a good day :-)   I found some bread 1 slice 2/1 so I had my old favorite tea and toast ...mmmmm good!

    As soon as I get a new phone with a camera I will start putting up these products I find because being in Canada I don't always have access to the same products but I can find substitutes.

    Bread Product I found is Silver Hills Mack's Flax 1 slice has 20 grams carbs and 2 sugars and 6gram fibre
    Also found So Nice coffee creamer 1 TBSP(15ml)  1.5grams carbs and 0.5 grams sugars
    Both products are BC products found at Save-on-Foods

    Well off to eat once more before I start my shift at noon.

    Tuesday, May 1, 2012

    Food journal post
    I have been food journalling for past few day;  I bought a journal that I like to carry with me and it's seem to be working - now I just have to quit having bad days...

    Breakfast a handful of almonds
    ....then an hour later
    1/2 c. brown rice with 1/4c peas and a boiled egg (butter & touch of housin sauce)
    Tuna with pickles/celery/mayo & coconut thai chicken soup and organic crackers

    ... today I  was scattered and short on time. So once again I didn't eat enough and I get home past 8pm so it tea and water only I don't eat past 7pm.  I wasn't feeling very well either physically or emotionally...I am just going to have a bath, go to bed and start over again tomorrow.

    Friday, April 27, 2012

    Hello everyone...I fell off my food journal ...so back on today.  It's been a confusing week for me emotionally and busy with furbaby sitting.  I am taking care of my oldest daughters 2 cats for the week...they're fun and they entertain each other running all night long it seems.  So sleep and routine are disturbed which cause me to  not plan my food out well and ran out of time.  Work was more stressful than usual and it got me all stressed  emotionally all this added up to me snacking in the evening once I got home at 8pm;  which I have been very good at NOT doing for a while now.   I was good and stayed away from eating too many sugars (and no white sugar or fruits) just protein and carbs but still.  I don't feel well this morning.

    I find journalling so helpful;  when you right it out you can see how things effect you, then you can see triggers to avoid.  If it's just in my head and I think about it I don't see it.  

    I did go for a walk with my youngest daughter last night we are getting into a routine of 2 to 3 times a week after work and I also was given a stationary bike  on Tuesday which I have started to use....both of these are helping me get my mobility back and I am hoping to start hiking this summer.

    Well as I said back to it...plan my food and pack it!  drink lots of water (starting now ) and right it down and count it out.  Read my lables count my S/C no estimating :-)

    Sunday, April 22, 2012

    Sunday! Finally :-)

    Breakfast   (total s/c  3/4)
    2 wasa krisp w/ peanut butter and 3/4c of cottage cheese
    coffee 2/soy creamer
    Lunch  (total s/c  2/3)
    Kale w/roasted chicken
    organic crackers 13 wheat free
    Snack (total s/c  1/2)
    Chiaseed pudding  w/protien powder 1/2 c.

    Well this is an eye opening experience....it's my day off so since I have been posting my food journal I thought I would sit down and add the whole day; I usually just guestimate my counts on S/C;  yes I know it's bad to do that, I admitted a while ago that is my downfall I read lables yes...I just don't add...LOL.   As you can see above I haven't had dinner yet and my carb counts is already at 8 carbs.  I think I see my problem :)  I have a handle on the sugar I do pretty good at keep that down but the carbs Oh My the carbs!!   Why do I add in my head when I have menopausal brain...I can't remember where I left my phone never mind the food count all day...and no I don't have an app for that because I don't have an Iphone :)   I have been writing down quickly what I ate but I haven't been put the count beside them....I don't know why??  figured I would do it at the end of the day or something or figured I was within the range....well it doesn't work for me obviously.  I have tried gadget years ago but I don't use them.

    Posting my food for all to see has helped me allot, your comments have been helpful.   Okay now I have to buckle down and really teach myself this one.  Wish me luck!  You only fail if you give up...Right! :-)

    Saturday, April 21, 2012

    Veggies are green? really  lol  does celery in my salads count? ;-) hehehe.  I did better today I had Kale.  I love the way I do my kale.   Saturdays at work it's just me and my co-worker and we usually make food to share she loves what I do with kale so I brought that today and she pick-up a roasted chicken at the store, mmmm good.

    2 wasa krisp crackers w/peanut butter and coffee w/soy creamer
       I ran out of time this morning making my kale and didn't make breakfast so I improvised at work - that's what      I found in the kitchen :-)  an office full of women you can always find something in the kitchen.
    plate full of kale with roasted chicken.
    handful of fresh snow peas.
    chicken salad w/mayo/pecans/celery
    tea w/creamer

    24oz of water (fell off the water wagon...too busy with customers all day - Saturday's are very stressful at work; only 2 people for the busiest day of the week...go figure)

    Friday, April 20, 2012

    hmmm eat more??...I will try.   I'm usually not very hungry in the morning but I guess I could find something to add to breakfast maybe try that new muffin/pizza bread of Rosalie's w/fried or boiled eggs..  this set of days off then.  But for now here is my food journal:

    Flaxseed muffing w/pecans and butter
    coffee w/soy creamer
    Almonds & water
    Chicken Salad and zevia
    Imitation crab salad with seed type organic rice crackers
    and I was bad today - sugar free ice cream sandwich.

    food done by 5:30pm

    48oz of water

    Thursday, April 19, 2012

    Food Journaling :-)

    Chicken Salad (celery/pecans/mayo)
    10oz water
    Flaxseed muffin (chocolate with few frozen raspberries)
    coffee w/almond milk and benefibre
    ...then off to work; when I am on the late shift 12 to 8pm my food goes a little wonky but today I managed to get my lunch in before I left which is good then I can have some almonds and coffee for a snack the eat my dinner later  at 6pm  depending how busy it is at work.
    Almonds & water
    Spaghetti squash

    total water today 50oz

    Wednesday, April 18, 2012

    Just quick to keep up the food journal:

    Flaxseed muffin w/cheese and 1/2c intimation crab salad
    coffee w/ almond milk
    Starbucks Tuna melt  (1/2)
    water 16oz
    chicken salad w/celery and mayo
    tea w/soy creamer

    Home now after working till 8pm water and herbal tea

    Tuesday, April 17, 2012

    Thanks for the suggestions :-)  I will adjust accordingly.  I do find I am not as hungry as I use to be when I had sugar in my diet, and sometimes I am uninspired, but today is a good day :)

    Flaxseed muffing with walnuts, coffee w/soya creamer (.5 sugar)
    Spaghetti squash bird nest
    Handful of Almonds and coffee w/soya creamer
    Spaghetti squash bird nest (again I know, but it's good and I don't mind :)
    Plus I made a batch so I will eat it before it goes yucky.  Next time I am going to try to freeze the batch to see how it works.

    ...forgot my water today :(

    Evening I will probably just have water and herbal tea.  I have been pretty good with not eating past 7pm

    Thanks for the comments,  don't worry I don't take them wrong way I know all of you have been there done that ..and have experienced where I am at :)  I appreciate your support.

    Monday, April 16, 2012

    I have to say after blogging just once and getting the support of all you wonderful women I see how important blogging is to my success.   We are really helping each other!  I was really feeling alone in my journey, I was sticking to things avoid sugar,  which I am proud of myself for doing; but the attitude was suffering and taking a dive.  Accountability, support, and a wealth of great ideas is what I get here.

    Here's what I ate today...

    Breakfast out with my daughter :-)
    2eggs, 2link sausages, fancy red potato (small) and fried tomato, coffer w/cream

    Ice cream bar 5/2 (sweetened with Maltitol )  this also has some sucrose to it?

    Spaghetti squash egg nest..mmmm good

    plus 2 Zevias and 16oz water

    Oh my it's been a while since I blogged...my weight has been bouncing up and down by 3lbs very discouraging :(  I haven't given up though.  Still keeping the sugar down to below 15grams a day.  

    Yesterday I started with: 
    Breakfast  - Flaxseed muffin with walnuts w/butter and a coffee w/cream
    Lunch - 4 wasa krisp with swiss cheeze
    snack/dinner - 4 turkey sausages
    drank - lots of water  (48oz)

    Wasn't feeling to inspired to cook today I think I am feeling the effects of the big "M" word and since I am blogging at 1:00am because I can't sleep.  The poor sleep patterns are not helping me with weight or  with my attitude either.  Never had a problem sleeping before it's strange...figure it was best just to get up and do somethings and go and try to sleep again in a while.  But the bad attitude has been all day and most of this month.  I have things happening that challenges me but don't we all :)   Just wish I would pick myself up and get going...push through it somehow.  I read everyone's blog and you are all such strong women, I know I can do it too.

    Monday, March 26, 2012

    No change...but I understand why :-)  Saturday night I indulged and had a few too many cabs and sugars...red wine! and 7 layer dip with chips!  I thought I would indulge with a glass or 2.  Had a great time and I didn't reduce this week...but I didn't go up either!!!  Yeah.  Back to it without a beat.  I am doing great.  I remember before when I would fall off the wagon, that would start a week of just one more thing and one more thing than next you know you're back to eating junk and bad food choices and its been a month and you have lost all motivation.   It's so different this time;  I find this way of eating so much better for me that I simply make better food choices and I like the way I feel.  Breakfast will be a flaxseed muffin and coffee which I am looking forward to, then I will put my snacks together and head out for the day.   

    I also think that because I have been dealing with my emotional stuff too I don't stuff my feeling back down, I let them process.  That has help me get to a place where self care is a  priority now I am putting myself first.  Before I didn't realize how not only did I put everybody before me, being a mom can do that to you... it the nature of the job; but I didn't have me on the list at all.   Well I am on my list now :-)

    Thank you to everyone for you support!  That's the other big game changer, it helps me to stay on track and accountable: I read everyone's blog and get great ideas.   

    Tuesday, March 20, 2012

    Finally Yeah!

    Well it been a difficult week and no blogging...but the good news is my body finally budged on the my weight and reduced 2 lbs.  Lost a inch of the waist.  I am very pleased :-)  I am still having struggles with writing everything down, I will keep pushing through because I am improving.  I figured it is a learned behavior and a valuable one at that, it will give me knowledge of what I am doing so I can make necessary adjustments.  One of my really bad habits is that I guesstimate what I am eating and the counts on them.  Somedays I was really under and some surprisingly over.  It didn't help that I lent my book out for someone to review to see if they wanted to get the book themselves and they kept it...I was just about to go buy another copy when they returned it.  It's a very helpful reference tool, and it made a big difference getting it back.   I am back on track and writing down what I am eating; also if I can remember I write out my proposed food plan for the next day (I find those day better) then I simply check off and put down the count as I do it...my days are sometimes a little messed up due to life's little challenges so I give myself a break and if I do it more than I don't do it I look at that as an improvement and it all good.  

    I also have started walking again!  This is exciting for me since I hurt myself last November I haven't been able to walk much farther than my car without my hip and ankle buckling then I can move at all, very scary for me.  My goal is to be hiking by this summer and then my favorite winter hikes.  I love winter hikes in our local parks; its beautiful here in BC and lots of hiking.  My daughter came over and offered to come over everyday after work go with me...what a gift!  She has seen how upset I have been with my injury and needed some help to get better and to get moving...I don't know how far I can go before I get into trouble; now with someone with me I will be able to build back up my strength and confidence.  What a wonderful gift my daughter has given me.

    Sunday, March 11, 2012

    Okay I must confess

    I know it's not the Hump Day confessional but I must confess and have not been writing down what I eat.  Looks like I coming up to another week of no changes.  I have always been terrible at writing things down, I have always run into this problem.  I don't know how to change it....but I know it will help me to see how much I eat when, what , how much.   It's some kind of mental block.   The stupid thing is I have the book in my lunch bag it just never comes out at work and I'm so tired when I get home it stays there to the next day and the same cycle again till I get to the end of the work week and nothing.  I feel like I am insane!

    I guess I will just have to make myself do it!  That's why I am telling you all.  Starting TODAY I am writing down what I am eating (these 2 days are my days off ) then Tuesday starts my work week.  I am signing off and going to get my book and write down what I have eaten so far today.

    Thanks for listening

    Saturday, March 10, 2012

    Still going :-)

    I'm still keeping to no sugar and no wheat...even though today one of my business associate brought Krispy Cremes;  it's an offering to us to use their product...hmmmm...strange offering.  They kept trying to get me to have one...I find it strange the only thing that seems to stop them is that I said 'I can't eat wheat or sugar, it will cause me suffering for that little bite'.  I let them draw their own conclusion to that.  I do find people accept 'No Thank You' easier if you say you have an allergy or sensitivity to a food group rather than you are just choosing to eat better, interesting?   No thank you should be enough.

    I tried the savory flax seed minute muffin today...hmmmm good, thank you Dawn for that suggestion.  Tomorrow I am going to make bison soup and savory muffin for lunch!  I was missing my bread with my soup but savory muffin is a great pairing for me.   I am starting to notice my pants are getting looser...Yippy Skippy Dippy! :-)

    Monday, March 5, 2012

    One Month complete NO Sugar

    I did it!  I made it over the 30 day mark and I am still eating healthy.  I usually let myself get pulled away from my goal for lots of self sabotaging reasons by this point so I am feeling pretty good about that.  Even though I weighed myself this morning and I am actually up one pound from last week and my measurements are on down one half inch I am still going straight ahead.

    I have decided this is the way I will eat no sugar and no wheat ( my body can't digest wheat well )  there are so many things I can eat and this is a learning process.  My body is also peri-menopause so weight loss can be a challenge and takes determination.  I feel all premenstrual so that is probably why no real change this week.

    I have notice that I have been going back to my old ways of forgetting to eat, last week Monday I even prep'd all my food put into containers then sat down and had a cup of tea then went off to bed.  Then realized the next day I forgot to eat my dinner ...I was so focused on making sure I had my food ready for the week I didn't eat when I was cooking it  I had breakfast that day and a small snack but that was it.  That's what started me down this road years ago...skipping meals!  yikes!  I use to get out of bed running and didn't stop until 2 or 3 in the afternoon for food...then a bad choice usually a latte and a so called healthy muffin...lol.   So this week I am going to take my book with me everywhere I go and write down what I am eating.  I am hoping this will do two things for me.  First help me learning the values (carbs and sugars) of my choices and second to make sure I am eating regularly.   The note book is also necessary do to brain fog, which I am hoping will lift completely soon :-)  I started taking the Reslina and I have noticed my energy is increasing.

    Well off to make breakfast :-)   Flaxseed muffin...today with walnuts and a mapleline ( it's maple extract ) I love the combinations of flavors.

    Monday, February 27, 2012

    Feb 27, 2012

    Yeah!  my Monday morning weigh is 235.5  I have reduce by 11 lbs.  since I started Feb 6 and reshaped by overall 10" (arms, ribs, waist, thighs).  I am totally excited.  I have my food prepared for the upcoming work week.  I roasted 4 chicken breast and cut them up cooked my Kale and brown rice for the next couple of days meals, boiled 1/2 dozen eggs got some almonds & walnuts I am good to go!! :-)    Plus I have the fixings for Chicken salad on Minichicks blog ...it looks delicious.

    Next Monday I will have completed a whole month without sugar, I am feeling very good about getting to this point.   One day at a time!  I feel strong and prepared.  Does 21 days make a habit?

    Sugar Begone!

    Sunday, February 26, 2012

    Feb 26, 2012

    Thank you Everybody!!  for your support and ideas, boy did I need it :-)

    I just made the Flaxseed muffin it took me 2 tries first effort I forgot the egg LOL.  Then the second turn out and I sat down and had it with my coffee with a benifiber...mmmmm..good really I am not being sarcastic I love it.   The next one I am going to use the coca and frozen raspberries.  I guess that was a pretty fiber filled meal :) my tummy full.  I know most people would consider it snack but that is the way I eat little bits at a time.  I also love that I don't crave sweets after I eaten anymore....my craving were out of control and the evening eating was nuts; battle field number one.   I am enjoy the sense of control over my appetite,  getting the sugar out is a big step and finding this blogging group has been the second!   The first month is the hardest for all of us I am sure; and for me I haven't been able to pass this milestone in years.   I am so grateful for the help, one more week and I am there!  I may not blog daily or leave replies to your blogs due to my schedule but I always find time to read and get inspiration from all of your blogs I don't watch TV anymore so this is my sit down time to have a tea or ?? and read before I head out to work in the mornings or at the end of the day.

    Sugar Begone!! Yeah!!

    Saturday, February 25, 2012

    Feb 25, 2012

    Hi Everyone

    It's been a rough week I think I hit the sugar and caffeine withdraw stage; I felt easily irritated and short with people, so I took some homeopathic remedy that made me smiley again.   I didn't realize I was cutting back on caffeine too till I looked back at what I was eating and since I don't use milk any more I don't drink my tea...I am a total tea granny it's my Irish heritage :-)  ... and I might have a coffee once every two day or less. So I think that was making me a bit growly too.

     I feel totally disorganized and having a challenge get my recipes on the go.  I am hoping this set of days off will give me a chance to get a couple of quick recipes in my go to head space.   I work full time and my energy is still low...I have notice my energy is improving but I still have a ways to go.   Then I have to get all my chores done in 2 days it's just not enough time. I pick up the ingredients for a couple recipes now I just need to make them a couple of times and I will be good to go! 

    Monday, February 20, 2012

    Feb 20, 2012

    Monday morning weigh-in  238lbs.  Wow!  I feel awesome.   My measurement shows me shrinking and the scale DID move after all.  I guess my body need that extra day.   Yesterday, I even went out for lunch with my girls and didn't choose poorly,   I had an appy of dry ribs and tea and enjoyed visiting with them.  I am just keeping my focus on choice one at a time.  By summer I will be able to know what I can have anywhere I go.  It's a learning experience.

    Sunday, February 19, 2012

    Feb 19, 2012

    Well tomorrow is my official weigh in day but of course I couldn't wait and I stepped on the scale to find I was the same weight as last Monday.  I didn't get discouraged though (that in itself is amazing for me) so I went to do my measurements and what a surprise I got;  my waist is down 3" from when I started !!  I have also been measuring my ribs in addition because I carry allot there too and my rib measurement was down 4" in total.   Wow!!  that shows me I am on the right track.   If you are just starting out or researching read http://purplerosy.blogspot.com youtube message to newbies, good information there.

    I have to say that doing this blog and the blogging group has given me an accountability (as was suggested in the above mentioned blog link)  I have missed in my past attempts at getting a handle on my health and weight.  I have done things before i.e. with friends and/or weight watchers for accountability but this time is different,  anyone have ideas why this is different??

    I did amazing this week because I really struggled at night and during the day to continue to stay away from sugar...daytime I work in a office that has bowls of chocolates out, I am not kidding large bowls of bite size chocolates and candies right there just take one it easy and I didn't take one!  and then when I got home it was such a rushed week and I am learning what I can and cannot eat that I sometime just had a piece of cheese with deli meat so I don't think I ate enough.   So this week I am going to pick 2 recipes from the blog groups...everyone is so wonderful to post their recipes...Thank YOU!!  and go get my ingredients and try them out.  I want to learn new and easy ways to make meals and you all have tempting ideas, I am looking forward to it.

    I have decided this is not a task with an end goal but a journey of learning and self discovery.  I love the fact that I have not had sugar since February 2, 2012 this is a HUGE accomplishment, and I want to keep it that way for myself.  Each time I mindlessly go to sugar or I am tempted usually because I am emotionally down or physically tired.... I tell myself I don't want that poison sugar in my body; I have work hard to get it out!   I just need to keep it out one choice at a time.

    Sugar Begone!

    Wednesday, February 15, 2012


    Feeling good!  I am on my way....I decided to only weigh-in & measure once a week and keep an eye on how my clothes fit.   I went shopping today at the local Thrifty Market (a local BC grocer) and found some Quartet Muffins 0/1 & Buckwheat Bread 0/1 per slice to try they are both Gluten & Yeast Free which I do have to keep an eye on since I am sensitive to wheat & yeast. I am a little concern with the Quartet Muffins labeling as they say the sugars are "0" but I notice in the ingredients (now that I have my glassed on and can read the fine print at home) that they use "agave syrup" which  Jorge Cruise mention as  a belly bad sweetener with 15/1...so I am little confused on the product labeling. Well I will just put those in the freezer and do some more research before eating those.  But the Bread is a go!  Also picked up some "Reser's" Hash Browns I thought I would fry or bake them up with shredded cheese as a side dish with some protein and a leafy green veggie.
    I love cooking Kale, spinach or any green leafy veggie I find a the local produce market;  I start by quickly blanching them in boiling water then bring onto the cutting board and cut them up into bite size pieces and then get the fry pan ready with a generous amount of olive oil, garlic and onions, and add the green veggie a large handful at a time into the fry pan, season with some herbs and a splash of rice vinegar, a shake or two of blue label 'salt free' spike, and oyster sauce (watch the labels look for the low sugar one!) its all to taste.   I use just about anything in my spice drawer and whatever sauce inspires me.  It's only in the fry pan for a minute or 2 then to the plate.   My favorite combo is Kale, brown rice and a hard boiled egg...a quick meal and good for you!

    Sugar begone!  I love it!

    Tuesday, February 14, 2012

    Feb 14, 2012 first week completed!

    DrumRoll Please!!!!   morning weigh-in and I have reduced and reshaped by 7lbs  and 1" from my waist...
    I am so pumped its has been years since I have seen any results from anything I have tried.   Something is definitely changing....I feel good and I am able to stay away from the cookies & sweets.  I am not going to lie; at work today the candy and cookies all over the place was hard to say no I felt the urge to take one but I just kept reminding myself I have done so well with so little effort I don't need that poison sugar in my body.   My energy is improving which is very encouraging to me.  

    Tuesday, February 7, 2012

    Feb 7, 2012

    I can't believe my scale!  I was down 5lb in 2 days - even though I counted yesterday as my 1st day of watching my numbers 15/6 the day prior I was just avoid a few things till I was able to clean the fridge of sugars and  buy some foods to get me going I already am see the effects of getting the sugars out of my diet.  WOW!!  I haven't seen that in response since the nineties.

    Sugar begone!

    Monday, February 6, 2012

    Feb 6, 2012 Day one

    Today I am starting my journey of reshaping using the Belly Fat Cure Lifestyle.  I cleaned out my fridge & freezer of  anything that didn't meet the 15/6 measuring stick :-)    I currently weight 246.5lb ...shhhh I haven't told anyone that number but you ;-)  and my goal is to be 160lb or less.  Went out and bought some new foods, read the labels of everything I pick up so shopping was a learning experience.  I thought I read labels before...obviously not well..LOL.   I have already been inspired by the others on the BFC blog thank you all for sharing it was helpful when I was out there today.

    I wrote down my measurements and will be checking them weekly as Rosalie suggested in her note to newbies.  Still have to take a photo...I do have some of me hiding behind others as I usually run from photo taking opps.

    Sugar Begone!