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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Inspiration sneaking in :-)

Well I feel a bit better today...feeling like a cup of tea too ;-)  after I saw Patti message lol.  After a good pep talk from Rosalie!  Thank you Rosalie!!  I feel better, I even went out I got myself some wraps and stuff to make a  wrap for breakfast.  I am going to eat my breakfast not drink it :-)  so I had a good breakfast & lunch...no snacks just some coffee with almond milk (too busy at work to have snacks).   Now it's time for dinner and here I sit totally uninspired :(  tea as I said sounds good and view some blogs. 
...Well at least I eat breakfast and lunch and that is what I am trying to do this week.  I will head out for my walk ( I am doing so good at that )  and see what happens with food when I get back.  I am hungry, just don't want to prepare anything....once I get through this week my next days off I will do some prep work with single size portion as Dawn is suggesting today :-)   It's tiring after a day of work to come home and cook to much...even worst when you don't really like to cook or make stuff...I like to be served...lol :-)

See you in the Blogs :-)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Another busy weekend :-)

My Daughter surprise birthday party was this weekend..Hawaiian theme it was fun.  Today is her actual birthday and we have a birthday tea...she still loves tea parties...hahaha :-) She turns 25 today all grown up and having a tea party :-)  She also loves 'High Tea'  I will have to take her to Victoria BC once for a very English High Tea at the Empress Hotel.

I haven't done well with my eaten this week.   Need to get back on track.  I made myself one of my favorite soups but it didn't turn out...too much spice and too salty?  I guess I wasn't paying attention and trying to cook quickly as I ran to my next thing that had to be done :-(    I hate my cooking this month.

I am also not being prepared with my food in fact I am not taking care of myself well at all.  I will have to refocus today and make this week all about making food for me and my freezer to help me get over this hump and back on track.  I just really don't want to make food UGH.   Boiling an egg feels like too much LOL.

Well wish me luck :-)  I will read all your blogs to see if I can inspire myself into cooking.