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Friday, April 27, 2012

Hello everyone...I fell off my food journal ...so back on today.  It's been a confusing week for me emotionally and busy with furbaby sitting.  I am taking care of my oldest daughters 2 cats for the week...they're fun and they entertain each other running all night long it seems.  So sleep and routine are disturbed which cause me to  not plan my food out well and ran out of time.  Work was more stressful than usual and it got me all stressed  emotionally all this added up to me snacking in the evening once I got home at 8pm;  which I have been very good at NOT doing for a while now.   I was good and stayed away from eating too many sugars (and no white sugar or fruits) just protein and carbs but still.  I don't feel well this morning.

I find journalling so helpful;  when you right it out you can see how things effect you, then you can see triggers to avoid.  If it's just in my head and I think about it I don't see it.  

I did go for a walk with my youngest daughter last night we are getting into a routine of 2 to 3 times a week after work and I also was given a stationary bike  on Tuesday which I have started to use....both of these are helping me get my mobility back and I am hoping to start hiking this summer.

Well as I said back to it...plan my food and pack it!  drink lots of water (starting now ) and right it down and count it out.  Read my lables count my S/C no estimating :-)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday! Finally :-)

Breakfast   (total s/c  3/4)
2 wasa krisp w/ peanut butter and 3/4c of cottage cheese
coffee 2/soy creamer
Lunch  (total s/c  2/3)
Kale w/roasted chicken
organic crackers 13 wheat free
Snack (total s/c  1/2)
Chiaseed pudding  w/protien powder 1/2 c.

Well this is an eye opening experience....it's my day off so since I have been posting my food journal I thought I would sit down and add the whole day; I usually just guestimate my counts on S/C;  yes I know it's bad to do that, I admitted a while ago that is my downfall I read lables yes...I just don't add...LOL.   As you can see above I haven't had dinner yet and my carb counts is already at 8 carbs.  I think I see my problem :)  I have a handle on the sugar I do pretty good at keep that down but the carbs Oh My the carbs!!   Why do I add in my head when I have menopausal brain...I can't remember where I left my phone never mind the food count all day...and no I don't have an app for that because I don't have an Iphone :)   I have been writing down quickly what I ate but I haven't been put the count beside them....I don't know why??  figured I would do it at the end of the day or something or figured I was within the range....well it doesn't work for me obviously.  I have tried gadget years ago but I don't use them.

Posting my food for all to see has helped me allot, your comments have been helpful.   Okay now I have to buckle down and really teach myself this one.  Wish me luck!  You only fail if you give up...Right! :-)