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Thursday, August 9, 2012

I fell :-(

I fell off the wagon and jumped into the bread basket...aaauughh....I totally comfort ate last night!  Yes night time eating and it was bread...wheat!    I don't know why?  it was there; I was there; then it was in my belly.  Total comfort food meltdown -  tea and toast with peanut butter and jam.    Its my weakness but I have been so good for so long I don't know what got into me.   Hormones!!   they betrayed me again.   I felt the stressed and didn't use any of my techniques to release (I have a few that work) I just went for the easiest path :-(   food.....aaaaughhh.

Okay I have confessed my sins;  time to brush off the dirt and get up and jump back on the wagon.  Its actually very cleansing to type this out....I wish I could do this with all my stuff that I seem to like to beat myself up with but then I would be putting to much private information out there....and we all know that's hasn't turn out well for some of our blogging friends.  I miss Wednesday Confessionals :-( 


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Back to Work

Well I am done with my 3day weekend and now back to work.  I think my meno moods are better with my work day routine.  On my days off I just seem to stop my morning routine and food prep;  that means I forget my supplements and balanced eating.  I still eat BFC just feels like I forget to eat most of the time.  I am going to get some information on the menopause stuff tomorrow.  I think it has alot to do with that, I am not in a good head space and I need some help with balancing things out.  Atleast with work days I have a routine;  I get up in the morning make my shake with all my vitamins in it and take my supplements then once I am there I am forced to take lunch at a certain time etc. etc.   I cooked up a storm last night prep-ing for the next couple of days so lots of good food choices! So I am good to go :-)

One a side note:    We had a wicked lightning storm last night for 3 hours!!  and I am sure one of the fork lightning hit the ground within a mile of my house!! Yikes! The thunder crack made me jump 3 feet in the air...scarey!  But I kept cooking LOL

Monday, August 6, 2012

Long weekend!!! yippy!

Well we are having our long weekend....BC Day!  so oops, I have had a little more carbs than usual..still BCF friendly but for me I have to keep my carbs lower...so no new lower numbers (I am bouncing higher).   Also I think I am pms-ing or is it just one long pms since I am menopause-ing;  I just don't know anymore. I get my cycle it then it goes away for months then it comes back but you still get symptoms...its all so unfair and exhausting.   I am going to a couple of different health practitioners to get some help and information.

I think the fact that my weight is still going down even though its slow is a very good sign, and that I am on the right track with my eating.   Most women going through menopause usual see a weight gain of 10lbs to 15lbs!   I am doing great!  Not only haven't I gone up;  I have gone down and more than 15lbs.  Yeah! for me.   I am coming up to my birthday this month I am targeting 30lbs down or better...its only 4.5 away  I can do it!!  this will be the first birthday in 10 yrs that I will be smaller than the year before.  Big Woot! Woot!