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Thursday, August 23, 2012


Good Morning All,

Finally the scale moved to 219lbs  Yeah!! (that's 2lbs lower).   I lowered my carbs to 20-25 grams a day, seems I am very carb sensitive.  I have been reading a book called "Why We Get FAT" by Gary Taubes a very interesting read, my daughter shared it with me.   He is basicly stating that:  "Carbohydrates make us fat and they do so independently of the first law of thermodynamics. Forget about calories, you can eat as many or as few of those as you'd like, ultimately weight is purely about carbohydrates." 

We will see :-)   if my numbers now consistently go down or not, with my reduce carb intake.   I am sticking to the idea once I achieve my goal weight, and I will!  I will then have to test which carbs work well with me, introducing them slowly and seeing how the effect my weight.   Which is basically what we are all doing by fine tuning are diets to how our bodies react to certain foods.

Hugs to all...I know allot of us are having major stressful times in our lives at the moment and the strength you are all showing is amazing.  Sending good thoughts and love to you all.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


After a bumpy couple of weeks I am recommitting to BFC with lower carbs between 20 to 40 a day until things start to happen again.  Also as Rosalie told me add some green to my diet!  That's a hard one for me so I am cooking up my kale and have a few emergency frozen broccoli & cauliflower steamers to get me on the road to veggie land.   It's not that I don't like veggies; I do, I just get lazy and eat very plain I don't like meals everyday so I have little mini-meals.  You see I am non-conformist try to conform...very challenging.
Mornings I have been doing great at;  I have hard boil eggs in the fridge and my protein drink all ready easy peasy for me to grab and remember in the morning even on my days off!!

As for the news on the hormonal front...OMG!
    ....so many suggestions; so many opinions; so many variables: so many choice with no straight answer...the short version try something;  see if it works for you because everybody's journey is individual.  I am taking Evening Primrose Oil only now.   I take it in the morning then another just before bed.  It seems to be helping.   I will keep this up for a while before adding  anything else....and the no sugar diet is very good for helping balance the hormones :-)