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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Still going :-)

I'm still keeping to no sugar and no wheat...even though today one of my business associate brought Krispy Cremes;  it's an offering to us to use their product...hmmmm...strange offering.  They kept trying to get me to have one...I find it strange the only thing that seems to stop them is that I said 'I can't eat wheat or sugar, it will cause me suffering for that little bite'.  I let them draw their own conclusion to that.  I do find people accept 'No Thank You' easier if you say you have an allergy or sensitivity to a food group rather than you are just choosing to eat better, interesting?   No thank you should be enough.

I tried the savory flax seed minute muffin today...hmmmm good, thank you Dawn for that suggestion.  Tomorrow I am going to make bison soup and savory muffin for lunch!  I was missing my bread with my soup but savory muffin is a great pairing for me.   I am starting to notice my pants are getting looser...Yippy Skippy Dippy! :-)

Monday, March 5, 2012

One Month complete NO Sugar

I did it!  I made it over the 30 day mark and I am still eating healthy.  I usually let myself get pulled away from my goal for lots of self sabotaging reasons by this point so I am feeling pretty good about that.  Even though I weighed myself this morning and I am actually up one pound from last week and my measurements are on down one half inch I am still going straight ahead.

I have decided this is the way I will eat no sugar and no wheat ( my body can't digest wheat well )  there are so many things I can eat and this is a learning process.  My body is also peri-menopause so weight loss can be a challenge and takes determination.  I feel all premenstrual so that is probably why no real change this week.

I have notice that I have been going back to my old ways of forgetting to eat, last week Monday I even prep'd all my food put into containers then sat down and had a cup of tea then went off to bed.  Then realized the next day I forgot to eat my dinner ...I was so focused on making sure I had my food ready for the week I didn't eat when I was cooking it  I had breakfast that day and a small snack but that was it.  That's what started me down this road years ago...skipping meals!  yikes!  I use to get out of bed running and didn't stop until 2 or 3 in the afternoon for food...then a bad choice usually a latte and a so called healthy muffin...lol.   So this week I am going to take my book with me everywhere I go and write down what I am eating.  I am hoping this will do two things for me.  First help me learning the values (carbs and sugars) of my choices and second to make sure I am eating regularly.   The note book is also necessary do to brain fog, which I am hoping will lift completely soon :-)  I started taking the Reslina and I have noticed my energy is increasing.

Well off to make breakfast :-)   Flaxseed muffin...today with walnuts and a mapleline ( it's maple extract ) I love the combinations of flavors.