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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Veggies are green? really  lol  does celery in my salads count? ;-) hehehe.  I did better today I had Kale.  I love the way I do my kale.   Saturdays at work it's just me and my co-worker and we usually make food to share she loves what I do with kale so I brought that today and she pick-up a roasted chicken at the store, mmmm good.

2 wasa krisp crackers w/peanut butter and coffee w/soy creamer
   I ran out of time this morning making my kale and didn't make breakfast so I improvised at work - that's what      I found in the kitchen :-)  an office full of women you can always find something in the kitchen.
plate full of kale with roasted chicken.
handful of fresh snow peas.
chicken salad w/mayo/pecans/celery
tea w/creamer

24oz of water (fell off the water wagon...too busy with customers all day - Saturday's are very stressful at work; only 2 people for the busiest day of the week...go figure)

Friday, April 20, 2012

hmmm eat more??...I will try.   I'm usually not very hungry in the morning but I guess I could find something to add to breakfast maybe try that new muffin/pizza bread of Rosalie's w/fried or boiled eggs..  this set of days off then.  But for now here is my food journal:

Flaxseed muffing w/pecans and butter
coffee w/soy creamer
Almonds & water
Chicken Salad and zevia
Imitation crab salad with seed type organic rice crackers
and I was bad today - sugar free ice cream sandwich.

food done by 5:30pm

48oz of water

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Food Journaling :-)

Chicken Salad (celery/pecans/mayo)
10oz water
Flaxseed muffin (chocolate with few frozen raspberries)
coffee w/almond milk and benefibre
...then off to work; when I am on the late shift 12 to 8pm my food goes a little wonky but today I managed to get my lunch in before I left which is good then I can have some almonds and coffee for a snack the eat my dinner later  at 6pm  depending how busy it is at work.
Almonds & water
Spaghetti squash

total water today 50oz

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Just quick to keep up the food journal:

Flaxseed muffin w/cheese and 1/2c intimation crab salad
coffee w/ almond milk
Starbucks Tuna melt  (1/2)
water 16oz
chicken salad w/celery and mayo
tea w/soy creamer

Home now after working till 8pm water and herbal tea

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Thanks for the suggestions :-)  I will adjust accordingly.  I do find I am not as hungry as I use to be when I had sugar in my diet, and sometimes I am uninspired, but today is a good day :)

Flaxseed muffing with walnuts, coffee w/soya creamer (.5 sugar)
Spaghetti squash bird nest
Handful of Almonds and coffee w/soya creamer
Spaghetti squash bird nest (again I know, but it's good and I don't mind :)
Plus I made a batch so I will eat it before it goes yucky.  Next time I am going to try to freeze the batch to see how it works.

...forgot my water today :(

Evening I will probably just have water and herbal tea.  I have been pretty good with not eating past 7pm

Thanks for the comments,  don't worry I don't take them wrong way I know all of you have been there done that ..and have experienced where I am at :)  I appreciate your support.

Monday, April 16, 2012

I have to say after blogging just once and getting the support of all you wonderful women I see how important blogging is to my success.   We are really helping each other!  I was really feeling alone in my journey, I was sticking to things avoid sugar,  which I am proud of myself for doing; but the attitude was suffering and taking a dive.  Accountability, support, and a wealth of great ideas is what I get here.

Here's what I ate today...

Breakfast out with my daughter :-)
2eggs, 2link sausages, fancy red potato (small) and fried tomato, coffer w/cream

Ice cream bar 5/2 (sweetened with Maltitol )  this also has some sucrose to it?

Spaghetti squash egg nest..mmmm good

plus 2 Zevias and 16oz water

Oh my it's been a while since I blogged...my weight has been bouncing up and down by 3lbs very discouraging :(  I haven't given up though.  Still keeping the sugar down to below 15grams a day.  

Yesterday I started with: 
Breakfast  - Flaxseed muffin with walnuts w/butter and a coffee w/cream
Lunch - 4 wasa krisp with swiss cheeze
snack/dinner - 4 turkey sausages
drank - lots of water  (48oz)

Wasn't feeling to inspired to cook today I think I am feeling the effects of the big "M" word and since I am blogging at 1:00am because I can't sleep.  The poor sleep patterns are not helping me with weight or  with my attitude either.  Never had a problem sleeping before it's strange...figure it was best just to get up and do somethings and go and try to sleep again in a while.  But the bad attitude has been all day and most of this month.  I have things happening that challenges me but don't we all :)   Just wish I would pick myself up and get going...push through it somehow.  I read everyone's blog and you are all such strong women, I know I can do it too.