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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Yeah results!  reduced by 4 lbs finally !!!   I have been bouncing with the same 3 lbs for a month now and I finally have gotten into a new bounce zone.  It's seems to go this way I get a number then bounce around with it up and down by 2 or 3  pounds then it moves to a lower number bounce around that number for a while.  So the changing it up has helped....thank you for the suggestion.   I am doing my healthy good for the body shake; one for breakfast and one for dinner and then I have been eating lunch and snacks during the day depending on the busy-ness of the day.
I think what is happening is my body is getting balance nutrition with the shakes, also reduces the stress of figuring out a healthy food choice when I am done for the day and I am really not into thinking about food fixing or eating it...that's left over from family dinners always figuring out what to feed everyone; everyday of my life for the rest of my existence...do I sound begrudging ...lol and on mothers day how human of me LOL.   Anyway I do have some food and self care issues I have to work on but the shakes are working for the moment and with this new territory called peri-menopause (it so new spell check doesn't even know what it is:) I don't know what my body might need next to keep the healthy reducing and reshaping moving forward.  But I am glad I have a wonderful blogging community to turn to for ideas and support.   19lbs down and 67 more to go!!  Yikes I shouldn't have done the math....lalalala...go to my happy place :)
Happy Mother's Day to all us amazing mothers...


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