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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Inspiration sneaking in :-)

Well I feel a bit better today...feeling like a cup of tea too ;-)  after I saw Patti message lol.  After a good pep talk from Rosalie!  Thank you Rosalie!!  I feel better, I even went out I got myself some wraps and stuff to make a  wrap for breakfast.  I am going to eat my breakfast not drink it :-)  so I had a good breakfast & lunch...no snacks just some coffee with almond milk (too busy at work to have snacks).   Now it's time for dinner and here I sit totally uninspired :(  tea as I said sounds good and view some blogs. 
...Well at least I eat breakfast and lunch and that is what I am trying to do this week.  I will head out for my walk ( I am doing so good at that )  and see what happens with food when I get back.  I am hungry, just don't want to prepare anything....once I get through this week my next days off I will do some prep work with single size portion as Dawn is suggesting today :-)   It's tiring after a day of work to come home and cook to much...even worst when you don't really like to cook or make stuff...I like to be served...lol :-)

See you in the Blogs :-)


  1. Good Job Sandra, Just keep focused and you will get there - I promise :-)

  2. I often wonder how I would do it if I worked. It is more time to eat all these healthy "real food" dishes because you must prepare them all yourself. I do make things and keep them frozen though for quick breakfasts and snacks (especially for the kids) so you could implement that too. Make a few things on the weekend and pop them in the freezer for the week. I make (all wheat free/sugar free) waffles, different kinds of muffins, cookies, cheesecakes. You can make small egg "muffins" (add whatever cheese, meat, veggies you like) and keep in the fridge for quick breakfasts or snacks. I do believe preparation is the key to success with this eating. If you don't have a "good" choice handy you are likely to make bad decisions. Good luck this week!

    1. As a teacher I have both stay at home periods and work periods. Work has its pluses like being a major distraction, I don't have time to make yummy stuff like you all do.. And I love to cook/bake/eat. But I also don't have time to obsess either.

  3. I just spent alot of today cooking stuff. I am exhausted, but at least there will be good stuff to grab when I need it. Take care and hang in there! XO