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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Okay I must confess

I know it's not the Hump Day confessional but I must confess and have not been writing down what I eat.  Looks like I coming up to another week of no changes.  I have always been terrible at writing things down, I have always run into this problem.  I don't know how to change it....but I know it will help me to see how much I eat when, what , how much.   It's some kind of mental block.   The stupid thing is I have the book in my lunch bag it just never comes out at work and I'm so tired when I get home it stays there to the next day and the same cycle again till I get to the end of the work week and nothing.  I feel like I am insane!

I guess I will just have to make myself do it!  That's why I am telling you all.  Starting TODAY I am writing down what I am eating (these 2 days are my days off ) then Tuesday starts my work week.  I am signing off and going to get my book and write down what I have eaten so far today.

Thanks for listening


  1. I know it's a lot of work - but it really helps to keep track of everything, especially in the first few months until you get used to eating this way. You can do it Sandra :-)

  2. My husband made copies of the S/C chart in the book and I did journal every day for the first several months. Myfitnesspal has been great for me too.
    21 days to form a habit, 3 weeks! You can do it!

  3. What if you wrote it all down at once, the night before? That has helped me the times when it is hard for me to get myself to do it. It also helps to stay on track.

  4. Thank everyone I'm going to give these suggestion a try...it's time to put this bad habit away.