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Friday, August 31, 2012

Birthday post

Hello Everyone :-)  This a very special week for me!

I am holidays for my birthday week...yes I put aside a week not just a day...LOL :-)

I spent my birthday up one of our local mountains...what a beautiful view.  I love it hear in BC you can be up in the mountains then down enjoying the sea all in the same day...going from cold to hot :-)  Gorgeous out fantastic weather to see all the sights and views. ( I was going to post pictures but my daughter didn't send them to me yet...so they will follow)

This was the first birthday in over a decade that I wasn't bigger than the year before!   I am so happy it's a big change for me...and I have to thank my blogging community, the support, information and how everyone shares their experience and knowledge has really help make the change for me.  It has made a HUGE difference for me.

Thank You All!!

For the first time in years I have made changes in my mindset;  I see it all so differently.  I see and accept that it is a lifestyle.  I am also accepting that for me;  this is necessary for my health.  I get it now, and the big change is that 'I am happy with it'.  I no longer feel like it just me being singled out and restricted.  Before it was always in the back of my thoughts that it was a punishment that I wasn't allowed the food I thought I loved...so I want them more :-)   and I felt I deserved to eat whatever I wanted and got very angry at anyone who said differently.   I guess I made the 'mental switch' Finally :-)... and I am going forward fine tuning along the way to what my body needs to be healthy, strong and energized.

It's been a good year!  I survived the ups and downs and made a big change in my life...kicking and screaming but change just the same :-)

Cheers! and Hugs! to All :-)


  1. Happy Birthday Sandra! Sounds like you've given yourself a great gift this year. I haven't been out west in years but it IS so beautiful. We have extended family in BC and Alberta.

    Something that made me realize it wasn’t just me is that skinny people can have lots of metabolic damage too. My MIL is very small but still has lots of signs of metabolic damage. So really … even though they “look” like they can eat whatever they want – they can’t either without doing damage.

    There are a small few with metabolisms that allow them to eat whatever they want (scientists are not sure why) but they are far and few between.

    They used to think obesity was the cause of things like type 2 diabetes but they now know it’s just another symptom of metabolic syndrome (skinny or fat you can get diabetes because it’s about your damaged metabolic system).

    Feel “empowered” that the choices you are making are for your overall health and you will hopefully avoid some of the issues of aging by making wiser choices.

    Enjoy your week off!

  2. Happy Birthday and what a great one for you. Have a nice weekend :-)

  3. Happy birthday, and that's an awesome milestone - way to go!

  4. Happy Birthday! I'm very happy for you!