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Monday, March 26, 2012

No change...but I understand why :-)  Saturday night I indulged and had a few too many cabs and sugars...red wine! and 7 layer dip with chips!  I thought I would indulge with a glass or 2.  Had a great time and I didn't reduce this week...but I didn't go up either!!!  Yeah.  Back to it without a beat.  I am doing great.  I remember before when I would fall off the wagon, that would start a week of just one more thing and one more thing than next you know you're back to eating junk and bad food choices and its been a month and you have lost all motivation.   It's so different this time;  I find this way of eating so much better for me that I simply make better food choices and I like the way I feel.  Breakfast will be a flaxseed muffin and coffee which I am looking forward to, then I will put my snacks together and head out for the day.   

I also think that because I have been dealing with my emotional stuff too I don't stuff my feeling back down, I let them process.  That has help me get to a place where self care is a  priority now I am putting myself first.  Before I didn't realize how not only did I put everybody before me, being a mom can do that to you... it the nature of the job; but I didn't have me on the list at all.   Well I am on my list now :-)

Thank you to everyone for you support!  That's the other big game changer, it helps me to stay on track and accountable: I read everyone's blog and get great ideas.   


  1. You probably didn't do that bad as you think, but just getting right back into the normal is the key. You are doing great. Have a great day :-)

  2. Ditto what Rosalie said. :)

  3. You are doing great! I continue to be excited for you and how your mind/body is changing:)