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Monday, April 16, 2012

Oh my it's been a while since I blogged...my weight has been bouncing up and down by 3lbs very discouraging :(  I haven't given up though.  Still keeping the sugar down to below 15grams a day.  

Yesterday I started with: 
Breakfast  - Flaxseed muffin with walnuts w/butter and a coffee w/cream
Lunch - 4 wasa krisp with swiss cheeze
snack/dinner - 4 turkey sausages
drank - lots of water  (48oz)

Wasn't feeling to inspired to cook today I think I am feeling the effects of the big "M" word and since I am blogging at 1:00am because I can't sleep.  The poor sleep patterns are not helping me with weight or  with my attitude either.  Never had a problem sleeping before it's strange...figure it was best just to get up and do somethings and go and try to sleep again in a while.  But the bad attitude has been all day and most of this month.  I have things happening that challenges me but don't we all :)   Just wish I would pick myself up and get going...push through it somehow.  I read everyone's blog and you are all such strong women, I know I can do it too.


  1. You can do it. We all hit bumpy spots. The key is not giving up while you ride it out. You'll make it through to the other side glad that you didn't throw in the towel.

  2. I can relate - I hate those 2-3 lbs that seem to come and go, and come and go, and come and go!! You have lots of support out here from others who are also trying their best to live a low-sugar, low-carb lifestyle. Hang in there - I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!!!! :)

  3. Today's my day to get back on track and I am actually looking forward to it! You can do it. You will only lose hope if you quit trying:)
    Onward and downward!

  4. thanks for checking in! I agree with Kay - you will only lose if you quit trying.