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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Still going :-)

I'm still keeping to no sugar and no wheat...even though today one of my business associate brought Krispy Cremes;  it's an offering to us to use their product...hmmmm...strange offering.  They kept trying to get me to have one...I find it strange the only thing that seems to stop them is that I said 'I can't eat wheat or sugar, it will cause me suffering for that little bite'.  I let them draw their own conclusion to that.  I do find people accept 'No Thank You' easier if you say you have an allergy or sensitivity to a food group rather than you are just choosing to eat better, interesting?   No thank you should be enough.

I tried the savory flax seed minute muffin today...hmmmm good, thank you Dawn for that suggestion.  Tomorrow I am going to make bison soup and savory muffin for lunch!  I was missing my bread with my soup but savory muffin is a great pairing for me.   I am starting to notice my pants are getting looser...Yippy Skippy Dippy! :-)


  1. Good for you! Krispy Kreme maple bars helped me gain weight!!!
    Misery loves company on the reason people keep pressing you to eat things!
    You are doing great!

  2. It is funny that people for whatever reason has such a hard time accepting the answer, " No, thank you." I don't know why they are so insistant. I actually think it borders on being uncharitable because they are putting the person in the uncomfortable position of either having to insist on their original answer or give in because they don't feel like dealing with the pressure. I've been in that position before and it IS uncomfortable! I hate that being done to me.

    Great job on your eating and shrinking body ! :)

  3. In the beginning when I was trying to lose weight people always did that too. They want you to stay fat with them. Fight those food bullies. :-)

  4. Great job! I have noticed the same thing. It's more of an issue (even with family!) when the reason for no is due to allergy/sensitivity instead of for weight loss. Ugh!