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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday! Finally :-)

Breakfast   (total s/c  3/4)
2 wasa krisp w/ peanut butter and 3/4c of cottage cheese
coffee 2/soy creamer
Lunch  (total s/c  2/3)
Kale w/roasted chicken
organic crackers 13 wheat free
Snack (total s/c  1/2)
Chiaseed pudding  w/protien powder 1/2 c.

Well this is an eye opening experience....it's my day off so since I have been posting my food journal I thought I would sit down and add the whole day; I usually just guestimate my counts on S/C;  yes I know it's bad to do that, I admitted a while ago that is my downfall I read lables yes...I just don't add...LOL.   As you can see above I haven't had dinner yet and my carb counts is already at 8 carbs.  I think I see my problem :)  I have a handle on the sugar I do pretty good at keep that down but the carbs Oh My the carbs!!   Why do I add in my head when I have menopausal brain...I can't remember where I left my phone never mind the food count all day...and no I don't have an app for that because I don't have an Iphone :)   I have been writing down quickly what I ate but I haven't been put the count beside them....I don't know why??  figured I would do it at the end of the day or something or figured I was within the range....well it doesn't work for me obviously.  I have tried gadget years ago but I don't use them.

Posting my food for all to see has helped me allot, your comments have been helpful.   Okay now I have to buckle down and really teach myself this one.  Wish me luck!  You only fail if you give up...Right! :-)


  1. Right, you only fail if you give up! At least your narrowing in on what needs to be "cleaned" up.

  2. I was reading through and wondered if you had reversed the sugar and the carbs:) Uh oh!
    What really helped me was going through the S/C counter small book and highlighting things that I liked. I then knew exactly what to buy and how many S/C they were. I have my sugar down too, but I fail on carbs some days. I think it depends what kind of carbs too. High fiber carbs are definitely needed for regularity.

    1. I have the belly cure with the s/c counter in the back is that the one you are talking about? and then the next challenge is the counter isn't Canadian friendly we don't have alot of the brands mentioned in the book here so I have to add everything but I use it for veggie, fruits and other non-packaged items. Then it's back to me adding ...hahaha...see where the problem is - I can't count! (just kidding :-) it more that I round everything and don't carry the '1' hahaha ;-) But yes I think you're right I have to get my favorites listed and added up, then I have my regular stuff as my go to foods..most of us really don't eat that big a variety for the core day to day stuff.

  3. ON the BFC you should never go over the S/C count of 5/2 per meal. That is how this will work best for your system. If you start eating too much at once - you might get used to it and it will be hard to pull out.
    I know its a lot of work counting, but it will be worth it - I promise.
    It looks like your breakfast might be more like 6-8 grams of sugar. peanut butter is usually at least 2, cottage cheese is usually 5 for 1/2 cup and your creamer.
    You CAN do it :-)

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  5. It definitely makes a difference when you write it down. I never lose weight in my head.