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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Veggies are green? really  lol  does celery in my salads count? ;-) hehehe.  I did better today I had Kale.  I love the way I do my kale.   Saturdays at work it's just me and my co-worker and we usually make food to share she loves what I do with kale so I brought that today and she pick-up a roasted chicken at the store, mmmm good.

2 wasa krisp crackers w/peanut butter and coffee w/soy creamer
   I ran out of time this morning making my kale and didn't make breakfast so I improvised at work - that's what      I found in the kitchen :-)  an office full of women you can always find something in the kitchen.
plate full of kale with roasted chicken.
handful of fresh snow peas.
chicken salad w/mayo/pecans/celery
tea w/creamer

24oz of water (fell off the water wagon...too busy with customers all day - Saturday's are very stressful at work; only 2 people for the busiest day of the week...go figure)


  1. Have you tried kale chips yet? I don't like them, but a lot of people do. I like my kale steamed with butter and salt.

    1. I think I'm like you...I like my kale blanched and stirfried in garlic/onions/oil/oyster sauce and spike...sooo good. - kale chips are just okay

  2. I love kale in the Zuppa soup at Olive Garden:)
    I am so excited for you Sandra! You are in the groove! I think celery counts!

  3. Yes celery kind of counts. LOL I hope you have a great Sunday :-)