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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Back to work. Feeling good I have been really trying to change me self talk.  A more accepting loving way, it seems to be helping in alot of areas not just the weight game.  As I am changing how I talk to myself it is helping me deal better with stress and a side benefit is my work environment, the stresses of my job didn't effect me the same today.

I found that I had pictures of myself stuck in my head, mostly from growing up;  what I was told by words and actions as a child and young girl, we all have them the stories we have of our lives.   I have been working on changing my story, Oprah life classes was working on it and I was using what I heard from her classes and chats with my friend.   The thing that hit home for me was when my friend held my pants up to show me the dryer had gotten all the wrinkles out (she loves her new appliances and was showing me one of her favorite functions)  all I could see was huge *ss pants that I hated the sight of them! the size of them! with lots of other stuff attached and had a bad reaction...she said "you are giving these pants alot of power?  they are just pants....not any reflection of who you are.  That's when the switch flip for me, why am I giving the pants, my body size, or old stories from my childhood power over me all the time.  They are not me, they are not who I am.   Who I am is inside and everyday I get to choose to be my beautiful, loving self and the size I am is just a shape no more or less and I am reshaping.  Happily reshaping choosing to be loving to myself, and think and treat myself with the love and kindness I treat others.

Just my thoughts for the day :-)


  1. Wonderfully put Sandra. You've got the power :-)

  2. We can really beat ourselves up sometimes, can't we? Glad the pants are losing their power over you. Things like that can be great motivators to keep me on my weight loss journey but that's all they are - motivators - they don't have any other power over me!! Thanks for sharing Sandra - Have a great day :)

  3. yeah yeah yeah! Get that good feeling back! Xo

  4. I somehow missed your post. What a wonderful observation. I'm glad that switch flipped for you. I really enjoyed watching those Oprah Life Classes.