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Monday, May 7, 2012

Okay frustration is setting in...I have had no change since April 16  no increase no decrease.  The good part is that I am sticking to my guns and keeping away from night time eating and no sugar.   I know I it's a difficult time in my life to loose weight (peri-menopause), atleast I am not going up any more.. Which I am very grateful for....just have to keep reminding myself about that.   But really nothing!  same measurements....**sigh**... **pouty face :(  same weight..just keeps bouncing up 2 down 2.

All I can think is not enough water  and probiotics and being consistent with them...I keep forgetting them for a couple of days then back on them.  Everything with loosing weight now is so difficult.    When did it get so complicated!?


  1. Hugs. I'm sorry. I know it can be difficult at times. You know, to make it less complicated, and see if you can get the scale to budge, why don't you try a BFC version of the Slimfast shake diet. A BFC approved (I use the brand MRM) protein shake for breakfast, a protein shake for lunch, and a good dinner. Sometimes trying to figure out what to eat all the time can just be an extra burden and create un-needed stress.

    1. Yes..figuring out what to eat is challenging...after i read your comment I tried the Canadian version of healthy sugar free stevia sweetened protein shake,(I had a sample) and I didn't hate the taste so I had that for dinner and it was okay so I will give your suggestion a try a try. Thanks :-)

    2. I hope that works for you. I know that with perimenopause/menopause you sometimes just need to really do things different to make things budge. I look forward to an update. This might end up being helpful to others going through perimenoupause/menopause issues.

  2. Frustration is part of the process unfortunately! I'm sorry that I don't remember, but did you do myfitnesspal? I know that Jorge doesn't think calories matter, but I do. You simply won't lose if you are taking in more than you are burning off. Or you could just be at a "blip" moment and you will see a bigger weight loss next week.
    It is a slow journey! It seems we gain overnight and take weeks to lose. Just don't give up!

  3. I know its hard when its just not coming off - but don't give up.
    I like the MRM whey protein pwdr too and I always look at the calories in stuff - but I don't add them up. Do something different and see what is working - but stay w/i BFC guidlines. :-)

  4. I hear your frustration, and I don't have any helpful advice, just don't give up. Do you exercise? Exercise will help you feel better and slim down and tone up.