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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Why I have been gone so long!

Hi All,

Well I am back :-)   my computer died and it took awhile to get back online. I haven't master typing on my tablet it just causes me great stress doing that.  Also I have working on some big changes that I hope will be completed this week.  So I haven't been blogging or leaving messages but I am still here!  

I was reading on Rosalie's blog - Trina's comment that the our blood sugar spike double with whole wheat bread over a snickers bar...I'm going for the snickers bar!  lol.  No I am not but in my experience as soon as I touch anything with wheat my cravings are back full on!   One of my biggest problems is night time cravings and when I do the BFC original with no wheat; I don't have a problem with craving in the evening.  It's very manageable even if I am experience stress or emotional stress I can't deal with it.  But if I have been eating wheat the craving monster has a tantrum and I often give in to it.   Well now I know I can do better :-)  Thanks for sharing that from the Dr Oz show, I missed it.

Happy December everyone!


  1. Hi Sandra, Its good to hear form you. I hope all is well. I really have never had any problems with wheat at all. The eating at night thing - took me a while to get over, 2 months to be exact of holding my tummy cause I was hungry. LOL
    Have a great day.

  2. Hi Sandra. It was great Dr. Oz did that blood test and PROVED that what Dr. Davis said in his book is spot on (two slices of WW bread increase blood sugar more than a Snickers bar). Dr. Oz looked truly shocked by the results himself. Dr. Davis was clear to point out on his FB page that even though two of the five didn't go higher with the bread they went as high as the candy bar which is still bad. So all five really spiked blood sugar far too high eating the bread. I agree that my need to eat is diminished. I used to always be eating and now I can go for hours without even thinking about it.

  3. Good to see you back! I have tried typing on a tablet too and it is a one finger job for me.
    Whatever works for you and keeps you going is what I would be happy to support you with:)

  4. id much rather eat the snickers bar, too, LOL! Anyhow, glad to hear you are back! Happy Holidays!