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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Food journal post
I have been food journalling for past few day;  I bought a journal that I like to carry with me and it's seem to be working - now I just have to quit having bad days...

Breakfast a handful of almonds
....then an hour later
1/2 c. brown rice with 1/4c peas and a boiled egg (butter & touch of housin sauce)
Tuna with pickles/celery/mayo & coconut thai chicken soup and organic crackers

... today I  was scattered and short on time. So once again I didn't eat enough and I get home past 8pm so it tea and water only I don't eat past 7pm.  I wasn't feeling very well either physically or emotionally...I am just going to have a bath, go to bed and start over again tomorrow.


  1. I bet you were hungry this morning with no dinner and all. Have a great day :-)

    1. I certainly was! I ate first thing :-)