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Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 5th, 2012

Just finished another weight training work out, my arms are feeling rubbery :-)  I did okay yesterday for food I find that I don't get enough veggies in, that's why I do the shake;  its full of stuff I miss out on.   It's not like I am eating bad stuff it just they day is busy mostly with work and I don't eat enough.  I get home at 8pm from my late shift so no eating at that point.   At least with the 2 shakes I get more nutrition in.  But I like the days where I eat meals better. 

Well just want to check in...I am trying to stay current on my blogging also.



  1. Good job on the work out. Try to make time to eat - you will feel better :-)

  2. I'm catching up on blogs tonight. Stopping by to say hi and sending hugs!!