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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Feb 25, 2012

Hi Everyone

It's been a rough week I think I hit the sugar and caffeine withdraw stage; I felt easily irritated and short with people, so I took some homeopathic remedy that made me smiley again.   I didn't realize I was cutting back on caffeine too till I looked back at what I was eating and since I don't use milk any more I don't drink my tea...I am a total tea granny it's my Irish heritage :-)  ... and I might have a coffee once every two day or less. So I think that was making me a bit growly too.

 I feel totally disorganized and having a challenge get my recipes on the go.  I am hoping this set of days off will give me a chance to get a couple of quick recipes in my go to head space.   I work full time and my energy is still low...I have notice my energy is improving but I still have a ways to go.   Then I have to get all my chores done in 2 days it's just not enough time. I pick up the ingredients for a couple recipes now I just need to make them a couple of times and I will be good to go! 


  1. I can't remember myself , but some people say they get sugar withdrawals in the first couple weeks. It should pass soon. :-)

  2. Grab and go foods that you can make and freeze sound like a necessity for you. You could make some egg scramble "muffins", flax muffins, meatballs(throw some shredded veggies into the mix), pre-cooked hamburgers and natural hot dogs, etc. Things that you do not need to freeze but would still be easy to grab and go could be healthy granola bars, boiled eggs (boil 1/2 a dozen or more ahead of time), pre-cut veggies and any variety of healthy dips, yogurt topped with granola(plain coconut yogurt or plain regular yogurt if you consume dairy...I have a YUMMY grain free granola recipe on my blog if you are interested), egg white protein shakes (we use a chocolate protein powder with unsweetened chocolate almond milk, which gives it a much richer chocolate flavor).

    You know, I think I'll start a list on my blog for quick and easy foods to eat. Thanks for getting my brain going on this. :)

  3. Good luck! Having ready/easy/quick meals is a great and needed thing around here as well. Have a wonderful week!

  4. I definitely had the sugar withdrawals and it felt like the flu. It will pass and you will feel amazing!
    I am lucky because I can eat the same thing every day, over and over and over! That makes quick meals easy!
    Keep on going, it will get easier!