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Monday, April 16, 2012

I have to say after blogging just once and getting the support of all you wonderful women I see how important blogging is to my success.   We are really helping each other!  I was really feeling alone in my journey, I was sticking to things avoid sugar,  which I am proud of myself for doing; but the attitude was suffering and taking a dive.  Accountability, support, and a wealth of great ideas is what I get here.

Here's what I ate today...

Breakfast out with my daughter :-)
2eggs, 2link sausages, fancy red potato (small) and fried tomato, coffer w/cream

Ice cream bar 5/2 (sweetened with Maltitol )  this also has some sucrose to it?

Spaghetti squash egg nest..mmmm good

plus 2 Zevias and 16oz water


  1. OK, I'm going to play Rosalie here...a 12 oz Zevia is 2 carb servings I think? I loved them, but didn't want my carbs to be from soda. Now I just drink tons of ice tea with Stevia.
    You will love blogging. Just remember everything is said with love and support!
    Sugar is evil:) Water is your friend!

    1. Thanks good to know! the writing is so hard to read on the Zevia can, all I saw was zero and no other listing (Canadian labels) ...this writing down my food to the world is good :) yes sugar bad! :)

  2. Hello, I just saw your blog on Rosalie's blog list, I'm Katie and my blog is katies-bfc. I agree the support and encouragement from blogging is key. :)

  3. I LOVE the spaghetti squash egg nests!!!

  4. HI Sandy, Yeah Kay is almost right I think its 1 carb serving (always look at the label of everything you eat) - but I save my zevia for only once in a while as a treat. You should always be drinking lots of water. And you need to eat food for lunch or you might get hungry later. Just trying to help - :-)