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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Thanks for the suggestions :-)  I will adjust accordingly.  I do find I am not as hungry as I use to be when I had sugar in my diet, and sometimes I am uninspired, but today is a good day :)

Flaxseed muffing with walnuts, coffee w/soya creamer (.5 sugar)
Spaghetti squash bird nest
Handful of Almonds and coffee w/soya creamer
Spaghetti squash bird nest (again I know, but it's good and I don't mind :)
Plus I made a batch so I will eat it before it goes yucky.  Next time I am going to try to freeze the batch to see how it works.

...forgot my water today :(

Evening I will probably just have water and herbal tea.  I have been pretty good with not eating past 7pm

Thanks for the comments,  don't worry I don't take them wrong way I know all of you have been there done that ..and have experienced where I am at :)  I appreciate your support.


  1. You're doing great just keep it up.

  2. Water, water, water:) I was watching a previous Rachel Ray show today and Dr. Travis Stork was on. He said drinking ice water helps burn like 500 extra calories a day(I may have heard that wrong). I drink tons of ice water, but I also go potty every 30 minutes...or so it seems:) The other reason to drink water is you will get clogged up. Several weeks into BFC, I was looking for a good fiber source.
    You are doing great:) I'm happy you are here!

  3. You'll find your groove. Even if you're up and down, like so many of us are, it will be YOUR up and down groove that you'll figure out how to navigate without getting lost.